Back From National Holstein Convention

June, 2019

Appleton, Wisconsin

Great group of Juniors at Convention!
Roper Voskamp, Sophia Geppert, Amanda Brooks, Blake Wright, Ada Bluel, Lora Wright and Colton Kleiboeker

We had a great group attend National Holstein convention this year in Wisconsin. We filled a junior dairy bowl team with Roper Voskamp, Sophia Geppert, Colton Kleiboeker and Ada Bluel. Alternate was Amanda Brooks. Our Dairy Jeopardy contestant was Blake Wright. Missouri had three public speakers: Sophia Geppert, Roper Voskamp and Blake Wright. Colton Kleiboeker and Tina Wilson made the banner for Missouri.

Missouri also had a Distinguished Junior Member Semi-Finalist as Lora Wright competed. Lora also competed for a National Holstein Women's Scholarship and ran for the National Junior Advisory Committee At-Large Candidate. Keep reading to see how Missouri competed! The group participated in a variety of tours and events throughout the convention.

The Bluel's
Reagan and Ada taking in their first convention!

Sophie & Amanda
Sophie Geppert and Amanda Brooks
were always busy helping.

Missouri's state giveaway was a cow keyring
asking people to 'Vote for Lora for JAC'
Everyone loved them.

Distinguished Junior Member

All 12 DJM Semi-Finalists
Group of national Distinguished Jr Semi-Finalists
Each of the 12 were scored on an interview and submitted portfolio.
The six finalists were awarded during the adult convention banquet.
Lora Wright, MO - seated second from right.

Lora Receives Award
Lora is selected as one of the 6 DJM Finalists!

National Junior Advisor Kelli Dunklee
Kelli Dunklee always supports all of the youth.

National Distinguished Junior Member Finalists
Group of Six Distinguished Jr Member Winners
Sarah Thomas-NC, Taylor Wolfe-PA, Brock Irwin-IL, Kalista Hodorff-WI, Allie Breunig-WI and Lora Wright-MO were 2019 Distinguished Junior Members

2019 Dairy Jeopardy Contest

Blake Wright
Blake Wright almost advanced to second round with 120 points.

Blake ready to compete

Monday morning came early enough and we had to be in the Jeopardy rooms and wait until our contestants were called. First order of business was that we had to make sure our banner made by Colton Kleiboeker was turned in. We also turned in a folding display made by Molly Melzer.

2019 National Prepared Public Speaking Contest

Speech Contestant
Blake Wright gave his speech on
'Alternative Dairy Beverages'

Sophie Geppert Speech
Sophie's speech was on 'Farm Accidents'

Roper Voskamp Speech
Roper gave his speech on
'The Adversity in the Dairy Industry'

Missouri had three contestants in the Prepared Speech division this year. in the Junior Division Sophia Geppert gave a speech on 'Farm Accidents' and Roper Voskamp gave his on 'The Adversity in the current Dairy Industry'. In the intermediate division, Blake Wright competed and gave his speech on 'Alternative Dairy Beverages'.

None of our speakers placed in the top three, but they each improved from last year. Congratulations to each one for stepping out and doing a great job representing Missouri!

Host Day & Other Tours

There was a wide variety of events and tours for convention attendees to choose from this year. Family Night is always a big hit as guests toured Green Bay's Lambeau Field!

Shauna Jones, Betty & Roper Voskamp took in many sights of the convention

Junior Mixer Fun
Ada Bluel, Sophie Geppert and Amanda Brooks had fun at the game night.

Taking in the Zoo
Sophie petting a giraffe.

Playing Games
Colton and Ada are serious about their games

2019 National Holstein Convention Report by: Sophie Geppert
Missouri Jr. Holstein Reporter, NE District

I just got back from the 2019 National Holstein Convention in Appleton, Wisconsin.

The first night there was a junior welcome. Steve Jones coach of the Kimberly Papermakers was our speaker. He was a very successful high school football coach. After that we had Culver’s ice cream and the states exchanged things. Missouri handed out squishy cows that asked juniors to vote for Lora Wright for At-Large JAC.

On Monday, Blake competed in Jeopardy, and Roper and I competed in Prepared Speech. That night was the mixer at Badger Sports Park. I played laser tag with Ada, Amanda, and Colton. We also played arcade games, Virtual Reality games, and Go-Karting. On the bus back to the hotel, we met kids from Wisconsin and New Jersey.

For Host Day, I went on the Farm Wisconsin & Zoo tour with my mom, my friends Lilly from New York and Connor and Jarred from Illinois. The Farm Wisconsin was built to show off agriculture to other people. They had a display that let us churn butter. It was really hard. The North Eastern Wisconsin Zoo was very cool. Since it was hot most of the animals couldn’t be seen or were asleep. There was one otter that was doing tricks for people all by himself. He was funny. We got to do something with zoo keepers. They took us to see some big turtles. We didn’t think the turtle would move, but then the female hissed at Connor. Then our bus dropped us off at Family Night. We walked to Title Town, which was not too far away. We all threw a football around and tried to play bocce ball. Lilly, Mom, and I went on the Lambeau field tour. We went into the suite that the Packers use, walked around the field and learned about the Green Bay Packers.

On Wednesday, the Junior Dairy Bowl team competed. It consisted of Ada, Amanda, Colton, Roper the captain, and I. We may not have made it very far, but we made many new friends. Ada, Amanda and I went to the dance that night. Ada and I met Allison from Illinois. We hung out with her a lot that night.

Missouri’s Junior Delegates were Blake and I. Lora won and is now an At-Large JAC. At the Awards Ceremony, Colton’s Banner got 2nd. They also showed a video for next year’s convention in Pennsylvania. Bye Bye convention see you next year.



2019 Junior Dairy Bowl Contest

Missouri Junior Dairy Bowl Team
Roper Voskamp, Amanda Brooks (alternate), Colton Kleiboeker, Sophia Geppert, and Ada Bluel

Last Minute Studying
Coach Shannon Kleiboeker gives the kids a refresher on rules before the contest

Junior Forum

Missouri Delegates
Missouri Delegates to the Jr Forum were Blake Wright and Sophia Geppert

We always encourage our juniors to attend the finals and Junior Forum. It is the finale and they can see how it could be if they were in the finals. At the forum, each state had two delegates-- Blake Wright and Sophia Geppert represented Missouri. This is a chance for all the states to bring up ideas and any changes they have to the floor. This is also where Junior Advisory Committee (JAC) members are elected.

The JAC is the governing body of the Junior Association and oversees the organization’s activities. Youth committee members are elected by the Junior membership at the National Junior Forum, and members serve two-year terms. The committee experience helps youth learn more about their Association, while strengthening leadership skills.

It has been a while since Missouri has had a representative on the youth board. This year Lora Wright ran for the At-Large position on the JAC committee. All other non-elected youth that run for a specific region placed their names in the hat for the At-Large bid as well. So, total youth running for at-large was around 11. Lora won the position and is now part of the youth governing body. Congratulations and way to represent Missouri!

Running for At-Large Junior Advisory Committee
Lora Wright ran for the At-Large position of the JAC committee this year against 11 individuals.
Lora was elected to JAC representing youth from across the nation!

Lora Wright elected to National Junior Advisory Committee
Group of juniors elected to represent youth on the national JAC committee.

2019 Banner Contest

Missouri Banner
Made by Colton Kleiboeker connecting MO to WI!

Second Place!!
Colton takes home the second place prize! Congratulations

2019 National Folding Display Contest

Molly Melzer
"How Much Milk?"
was the title of Molly's display.
She featured amounts of milk to make different products.

The Folding Display contest has been opened up to unlimited entries from each state. The contest has been divided up into two divisions: Scientific and Creative. The entrant must choose their division and the displays are judged accordingly.

Missouri had one junior who entered this contest: Molly Melzer. Molly entered the scientific display explaining how much milk it took to make different dairy products. Anyone can send a board and not have to actually attend the convention.

2019 National Women's Scholarship Contest

The National Holstein Women's Scholarship Organization hosted interviews for scholarships. They awarded three winners. One with a $5000 scholarship and two with $2500 scholarships. Lora Wright, Verona, MO received one of the $2500 scholarships. Congratulations, Lora!

Lora Wright receiving NHWSO Scholarship
Six semi-finalists interviewed for the final three scholarships given by the NHWSO.
Scholarships were awarded at the Junior Banquet.

Thank You!!

It was a great overall convention. Thanks to the coaches, parents and volunteers who helped us get to Wisconsin and have a great time at convention. A big THANK YOU to the Toecky's for donating a raffle calf to raise extra funds for all of the juniors who attend conventions!

Photos from Convention
See farms visited and junior events!

Click on image to view or use arrows to advance image.

National Holstein Convention 2019



Special Thank you to our generous donor!

Calf will be raffled at the Missouri State Fair!!
Tickets will be on sale at Field Day!

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June 1 Jr. Transfer Deadline for Jr Ownership

June 13-14 Wright County Fair, Grovespring

June 17 Ozark Empire Fair Entry deadline

June 21 - 23 4-State Dairy Days, Bentonville

June 24 - 27 National Holstein Convention, Wisconsin

July 1 MO State Fair Entry Deadline

July 12 MO Holstein Field Day, Osborn, MO

July 16-18 Dairy Judging Camp

July 25 - 28 Ozark Empire Fair

July 25 MO State Fair - Late entry deadline with no late fee

August 13-18 2019 MO State Fair & Futurity Show

August 17 2019 MO State Dairy Judging Contest



Missouri Junior Holstein Association Officers
Lora Wright, President & Historian
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Blake Wright, Vice President
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Dalton Smith, Secretary
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Adeline Dickerson, NW Reporter
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Roper Voskamp, SW Reporter
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Amanda Brooks, SC Reporter
8613 Gourley Rd., Mt. Grove, MO 65711
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Case Melzer, WC Reporter
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Sophia Geppert, Reporter
4728 Co Rd 240, Kingdom City, MO 65262
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Shannon Wilson-Kleiboeker, State Advisor
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Katie Wantland, Assistant Advisor
1491 Macedonia Rd, Niangua, MO 65713
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This is a statewide organization open to any boy or girl in Missouri under 21. It promotes Registered Holsteins and has 172 members. 
Dues are $5.00 per year per member. 
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  • Dairy Bowl, Public Speaking, Jeopardy, and building a banner for National Convention.

  • Judging at local, state and national levels.

  • Showing at local, state and national shows

  • Cow Camp


  • State Spring Show Awards

  • All-Missouri Junior Awards

  • Distinguished Jr. Member Award

  • Princess and Missouri Miss

  • Spring Show

  • Junior District Show Awards

  • All-Missouri

  • District Junior and Senior Member Awards

  • Princess Scholarship

  • Spring Classic Scholarship




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  1. Jr. All-Missouri Points:  Juniors voted to continue the point system. The points are as follows:
    District Show — 16
    State Fair — 20 points
    First junior animal exhibited by a junior in each open class receives full points, with following places decreasing by 2 points each.  Again awards will be given per child instead of per class, and one award will be presented for partnership animals.
  2. Jr. Membership Fees due March 15: Membership form on main page to print or in Pulsator newsletter. It is important for juniors also to get their state dues paid on time, with the correct address, phone number and email address. This is the information we utilize to contact you throughout the year regarding awards, programs, activities, etc. We do not want you to miss out on an event because we did not have your accurate information. State membership fees are due by March 15. If your household only has junior members (no adult membership) then you might want to consider adding a Mid-States Magazine subscription for $5. A great way to stay connected.



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