Back From National Holstein Convention

June, 2018

Traverse City, Michigan

A small but mighty group of Missouri Juniors competed in Junior Dairy Bowl
Amanda Brooks, Roper Voskamp, Colton Kleiboeker, and Sophia Geppert

We had a really small group attend National Holstein convention this year in Michigan. We filled a junior dairy bowl team with Roper Voskamp, Sophia Geppert, Colton Kleiboeker and Amanda Brooks. Sophia Geppert also participated in the Prepared Public Speaking contest and Colton Kleiboeker and Tina Wilson made the banner for Missouri. Which placed 3rd!! Congratulations.

Colton Kleiboeker was super creative and made a great banner that represented Missouri and the theme of the convention well!

The dairy bowl team was on the board with points in both of their rounds, however not enough for the win. Now they have goals for next year. However, a highlight was winning the Sportsmanship award for the dairy bowl competition. Shows that Missouri kids are always encouraging others!

The group participate in a variety of tours and events throughout the convention.

Sophie Geppert
Sophie is ready to have fun at the junior mixer!

Amanda Brooks
Taking in the sights at Lake Michigan

2018 National Prepared Public Speaking Contest

Speech Contestant
Sophia Geppert - Jr Division: "Social Media in the Dairy Industry"

Host Day & Other Tours

There was a wide variety of events and tours for convention attendees to choose from this year. Family Night is always a big hit and the bounce houses were fun for the kids.

We're Stuck!!!
Colton Kleiboeker and Sophia Geppert are stuck to the wall with velcro suits.
Not sure how they are going to get un-stuck though!

Junior Mixer Fun
Looks like several states handed out glow sticks and Colton Kleiboeker was a fan!

2018 Junior Dairy Bowl Contest

Missouri Junior Dairy Bowl Team
Amanda Brooks, Roper Voskamp, Colton Kleiboeker, and Sophia Geppert

Receiving Sportsmanship Award
Three of the team members were at the banquet where they awarded the sportsmanship award.
Sophia Geppert, Roper Voskamp, and Amanda Brooks.

Junior Forum

Missouri Delegates
Missouri Delegates to the Jr Forum were Sophia Geppert and Roper Voskamp

We always encourage our juniors to attend the finals and Junior Forum. It is the finale and they can see how it could be if they were in the finals. At the forum, each state had two delegates--Sophia Geppert and Roper Voskamp represented Missouri. This is a chance for all the states to bring up ideas and any changes they have to the floor. This is also where Junior Advisory Committee (JAC) members are elected.

Three new youth area representatives were elected to the National Junior Advisory Committee (JAC) during the National Junior Forum, held on the last day of the Convention.

The JAC is the governing body of the Junior Association and oversees the organization’s activities. Youth committee members are elected by the Junior membership at the National Junior Forum, and members serve two-year terms. The committee experience helps youth learn more about their Association, while strengthening leadership skills.

2018 Banner Contest

Missouri Banner
Third Overall Banner made by Colton Kleiboeker
Connects Missouri and the Michigan Theme - super cute!

Thank You!!

It was a great overall convention. Thanks to the coaches, parents and volunteers who helped us get to Michigan and have a great time at convention. A big THANK YOU to the South Central District for giving extra funds for all of the juniors who attended the convention!


4H Dairy Judging Camp
Contact Karla to see if interested.

I wanted to be sure all of you were the first to know about dairy judging camp. The dates this year are July 18 - 20. The registration brochure is below for your convenience. Our group is limited to the first 20 registrants, so if you are interested please return your form soon!

To view Registration flyer click here

Print Health Form if not a 4-H Member-click here

Karla Deaver, Youth Extension Specialist


Missouri 4-H and Missouri FFA Dairy Judging Teams Return from European Contests

Both Missouri 4-H and FFA teams in Luxembourg
The organizer of our home stays and the contest in Luxembourg was Jean-Paul Flemmage and here he is with both teams following the contest.


Our team has had a wonderful two weeks traveling across Europe, judging, making new friends, learning about different cultures, seeing agriculture in new ways, and creating memories that will last a lifetime! Just a few highlights of our trip:

Grant Groves and Daryin Sharp were the top judging pair at the Royal Highland Show in Scotland! Grant Groves was the top individual judge, and Blake Wright was the second high individual in this contest.

Blake Wright and Lilly Schmidt of Monett FFA were first and second, respectively, in the Luxembourg Judging Contest.

Lora Wright and Ellie Wantland participated in showmanship at the Luxembourg show.

Daryin Sharp, Ellie Wantland, Lora Wright, Sam Masri and Lilly Schmidt all spent three days with a host family during our time in Luxembourg.

We visited the World War II Memorial site where General Patton is buried just outside Luxembourg City. This was especially meaningful since we visited here just two days before our Independence Day celebration in the US.

We are thankful for the success of our judges during the two contests. We are thankful for the new friends made along our journey, both international and those here in the States. And, we are thankful for the support we received through our many sponsors and donors that helped us be able to participate in this great event.

Thank you to AgroTours for organizing this event. Thank you to Bruce Kane and Darren Ropp for their expert guidance. Until next time! Sincerely,

Karla Deaver and Ted Probert
417-466-3102 or 417-741-6134 or

Click Here to View photo journal of their adventures on Facebook

Missouri 4-H team
Daryin Sharp, Ellie Wantland, Lora Wright and Grant Groves

Missouri 4-H team wins Scottish Highland Contest
Grant Groves and Daryin Sharp are awarded first prize by the Scottish Young Farmers President.

Missouri FFA team
Blake Wright, Lilly Schmidt, Lora Wright & Sam Masri

Missouri FFA Members win Luxembourg Contest
Lena Flemmage of the Luxembourg Young Farmers organized the contest. Blake Wright placed first and
Lilly Schmidt placed second, both of Monett, Missouri FFA.

Would you like the opportunity to travel abroad and dairy judge? Now is the time to participate in Dairy Judging Camp and get started working towards your goal!


Missouri Dairy Association Youth Dairy Champion Award

County and local fairs will soon be happening and MDA will again sponsor the Supreme Junior Dairy Champion Award for dairy cow competition. This is the 23rd year for the Missouri Dairy Association’s (MDA) annual Supreme Junior Dairy Champion Award for all local fairs in Missouri.

One per fair! See the press release below which you can pass along to your local newspaper and/or use in your Extension column. Each winner receives a 2018 official certificate and a $25.00 CASH AWARD from MDA. These will be mailed after the RESPONSE FORM below is received by MDA.

Click Here to Download Form or contact MDA for Youth Fair Forms if needed at 636/519-9300 or

Jr. All-Missouri Points - Rule Clarifications for 2018

There are now only two shows that constitute the winners: District Show and State Fair. Arkansas will now have the 4-State Dairy days as their district show. Check and see when and where your district show is. State fair points come from the open show placings and NOT the junior show.

All-Missouri Points:  Juniors voted to continue the point system. The points are as follows:
District Show — 16
State Fair — 20 points

There were some updates to the Junior All-MO Rules at the convention. Below are the current rules:

  1. All animals (cows and heifers) will be owned and transferred into junior owner name before June 1 of the year showing.
  2. Junior must be a member of the Missouri Junior Holstein Association by June 1st of the year showing.
  3. An animal owned by more than one junior will be acceptable. If a junior and an adult own the animal, it is NOT eligible for a Junior All-Missouri or a Reserve Junior All-Missouri award.
  4. If more than one junior owns an animal, only one award will be given. Again, awards will be given per child instead of per class, and one award will be presented for partnership animals.
  5. Animals MUST be shown throughout the entire class by a junior to qualify for points in the Junior All-Missouri contest.
  6. A certificate of Registration on each animal must be available for review by show staff at any time. Animal’s registration will be checked with Holstein USA before any award is given.
  7. Age limits for juniors are the same as your youth organizations.
    - 4-H –18 as of January 1 of year showing.
    - FFA—4 national conventions after graduation
    - Holstein Junior member only—21 as of January 1 of year showing
  8. To break ties--- to animal placing highest at State Fair.
  9. Point system is as follows—
    - District Show-16 16-14-12-10---each place dropping by 2 points
    - State Fair—20—20-18-16-14-etc.—each place dropping by 2 points (Results from open class will be used, not 4-H/FFA show)
  10. .First place junior animal exhibited by junior member in each open class receives full points, with following places decreasing by 2 points each as listed above.



July 6 Dairy Judging Camp Registration Due

July 18-20 Dairy Judging Camp

July 24 MO Holstein Field Day, Barnett, MO

August 17-19 2018 MO State Fair & Futurity Show

August 18 2018 MO State Dairy Judging Contest




2017 Junior Officer Team:
Reporters, Blake Wright & Taylor Groves; Vice President, Dalton Smith; President, Lora Wright; Secretary, Katie Wantland; Reporters, Sophia Geppert & Zach Scrivner

Missouri Junior Holstein Association Officers
Lora Wright, President & Historian
11449 Lawrence 2220, Verona, MO 65769
(417) 743-2921

Dalton Smith, Vice President
12300 Cty Rd 5300, Rolla, MO 65401
(573) 247-1864

Katie Wantland, Secretary
1491 Macedonia Rd, Niangua, MO 65713
(417) 872-5543

Taylor Groves, Reporter
2937 State Hwy 413, Billings, MO 65610
(417) 880-7012

Zach Scrivner, Co-Reporter
Rt 1, Box 425, Ava, MO 65608
(417) 683-6684

Blake Wright, Reporter
11449 Lawrence 2220, Verona, MO 65769
(417) 743-2921

Sophia Geppert, Reporter
5803 Redwing Dr, Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 814-3148

Shannon Wilson-Kleiboeker, State Advisor
17077 Lawrence 1030, Wentworth, MO 64873
(417) 737-2876


This is a statewide organization open to any boy or girl in Missouri under 21. It promotes Registered Holsteins and has 172 members. 
Dues are $5.00 per year per member. 
Click For Membership Form


  • Dairy Bowl, Public Speaking, Jeopardy, and building a banner for National Convention.

  • Judging at local, state and national levels.

  • Showing at local, state and national shows

  • Cow Camp


  • State Spring Show Awards

  • All-Missouri Junior Awards

  • Distinguished Jr. Member Award

  • Princess and Missouri Miss

  • Spring Show

  • Junior District Show Awards

  • All-Missouri

  • District Junior and Senior Member Awards

  • Princess Scholarship

  • Spring Classic Scholarship




  1. Selling the 100th Anniversary T-Shirts!



  1. Jr. All-Missouri Points:  Juniors voted to continue the point system. The points are as follows:
    District Show — 16
    State Fair — 20 points
    First junior animal exhibited by a junior in each open class receives full points, with following places decreasing by 2 points each.  Again awards will be given per child instead of per class, and one award will be presented for partnership animals.
  2. Jr. Membership Fees due March 15: Membership form on main page to print or in Pulsator newsletter. It is important for juniors also to get their state dues paid on time, with the correct address, phone number and email address. This is the information we utilize to contact you throughout the year regarding awards, programs, activities, etc. We do not want you to miss out on an event because we did not have your accurate information. State membership fees are due by March 15. If your household only has junior members (no adult membership) then you might want to consider adding a Mid-States Magazine subscription for $5. A great way to stay connected.



Call or E-Mail me any time if you have questions about 
Missouri Junior Holstein activities. 
My address is
My home address is:
17077 Lawrence 1030, Wentworth, Missouri 64873.
Shannon Kleiboeker 417-737-2876
State Junior Holstein Chairman


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