2019 Missouri Holstein Field Day
Friday, July 12 - Osborn, Missouri
Shatto Farms

Everyone is Welcome - Bring a Neighbor!

Shatto Milk Co is a family owned producer/processor dairy. Shatto started bottling in glass bottles in 2003 and has grown to distribute in over 100 stores in the KC and St. Joseph area. The farm milks 300 cows and uses CowManager as a health and repro tool to help manage the herd. The farm uses a crop rotation of corn silage, forage beans, sorghum-sudan, triticale and oats for forages. The farm bottles flavored milks as well as skim, whole, 1%, 2%, and cream. Shattos also makes artisan cheese as well as butter and ice cream.

Shatto home delivery offers a door to door delivery service carrying Shatto Milk Co. products as well as local produce and goods from other local vendors. Serving the KC metro area.

We look forward to you joining us on July 12th, as we open our bottling facility for touring, showcase our forage program and view our variety of Holstein genetics.

Matt Schapeler

Some of our awards and bottles from our own cows

How we bottle our milk
Participants will have the opportunity to view bottling facility and end products.

Events Include:

    Shatto will display and demonstrate:

    1. Bedded sawdust freestall barn and sawdust pack barn. Headlocks and TMR facility.
    2. Bottling facility that produces flavored milks, cream, skim, whole, 1 & 2%.
    3. Artisan Cheese, butter and ice cream also made on site.
    4. CowManager system for health and reproduction management of herd
    5. Farm forage analysis - see what crops they grow and how they are rotated.
    6. Crop and forage program - ideas for your operation.
    7. See genetic and Holstein breeding program.
    8. Several vendors will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate products
    9. Lunch will be provided with several door prizes.

Shatto puts up a majority of their own forages. Silage is a large component of the program.

Shatto uses a variety of crops in their forage rotation: sudan and triticale are just a couple.

Shatto Farms
Matt Schapeler, Manager
9406 N. Hwy 33, Osborn, MO
Email: mschapeler@yahoo.com

Shatto grows much of their own hay



There are five district shows. If you are in the area, go and support your local dairy breeders at their district shows. It is a great way to get to know other breeders. Some districts also have meals and other activities planned. If you have any questions just give your district president or me a call. South Central district show date is not yet finalized.


July 13 South Central District Show, Ava with Douglas County Fair

July 16 West Central District Show
Held at Cass County Fairgrounds, Pleasant Hill.

August 16 ~ 8:00 AM Southwest District Show, MO state Fair.
Held in conjunction with Stat Fair



Dallas Cornelius, Easton, MO
Janice Perry, Republic, MO


Jodi Wright, Verona, MO

This year's convention was held in Appleton, WI.

This year's convention items

Pertinent issues to be voted upon at National Convention in June:

  1. Proposal to Amend the Bylaws:

    Article II, Section 1 - When a Regional Director seat is up for election, at least two candidates must meet both requirements: 1. File a conflict of interest statement by March 1. 2. Attend annual meeting and participate in the election process, unless excused by nominating committee. If these conditions are not met, that Regional Director position shall become an at-large position for two terms unless the position is held by an incumbent.

  2. Resolutions:

    1. Minnesota proposed that the association raise the age a calf may be registered for free under the complete program. Also proposing other measures to assist dairymen in registering calves that would ease the financial burden during this tough dairy economy.
    The board did not support this resolution. Stating there were many ways for members to take advantage of lower registration fees through complete. They stated the average registry application cost 10.95 in 2018.
    The resolution was moved and brought before the delegates. After much discussion from the floor, the delegate body voted the resolution down with a close voice vote.

    2. Ohio brought forth a resolution to institute a 'Registration and Transfer Catch Up program' for a set determined length of time with reduced registration rates (such as $10.00) to assist dairymen during these financially difficult times and to keep animals in the registered herdbook.
    The board did not support this resolution as well for the same reasons stated above.

    However, the resolution was moved and brought before the delegate body and also elicited much discussion. It was the consensus of the delegates that this would be good way for the association to meet its members half way during these difficult times. Recognizing that both parties lost money in 2018. Motion passed by a voice vote of the delegates. The resolution will now come before the board.

    3. Thanks for hosting to the Wisconsin association

  3. Election of new officers: Directors for Region Pres., VP, 1, 4, 6, and At-Large

    Declared candidate for President:

    Corey Geiger, Wisconsin **ELECTED**

    Declared candidates for Vice-President:

    Roy Buessing, Kansas
    Johnathan Lamb, New York **ELECTED**k

    Declared candidate for Region 1 Director:

    Steven Keene, Maine **ELECTED**

    Declared candidates Region 4 Director:

    Benjamin Newberry, Georgia **ELECTED**

    Declared candidate for Region 6 Director:

    Spencer Hackett, Rice, Minnesota **ELECTED**

    Michael Schiller, Freeport, Minnesota

    Declared candidates for At-Large Director:

    Peter Dueppengiesser, Wisconsin **ELECTED**

Eastern Wisconsin was the destination for this year's National Holstein Convention. Wisconsin showed attendees a wonderful time and showcased their many exceptional herds and cows! There were a wide variety of activities and sights to chose from. The Missouri delegation that traveled north this year consisted of: 7 juniors and 12 adults: Dallas & Debbie Cornelius, Kate & Sophia Geppert, Susan & Amanda Brooks, Larry, Jodi, Lora & Blake Wright, Katie Wantland, Reagan & Ada Bluel, Janice Perry, Shannon & Colton Kleiboeker, Betty & Roper Voskamp, Shauna Jones.

Appleton, Wisconsin boasted beautiful cows and farms, home of the Green Bay Packers, Waterparks, goats, glass, boat rides and much so much more if you were up to exploring.

The juniors participated in Dairy Bowl, Banner, Folding Display, Public Speaking, Holstein Women's Scholarship, ran for a Jr Advisor Committee position, and competed in the National Distinguished Junior competition. Check out the junior page to see how our juniors did. They represented our state well!

There were several tours and sights for the attendees to see. Here is a glimpse of the travels! The Missouri delegation split up and saw many different tours.

Pinehurst Farm Display
The lobby of the hotel was filled with displays from Wisconsin herds. The Pinehurst display was one of the largest.

Crescent Beauty Herd
An impressive display by the iconic herd.

Honoring the many accolades of Rosedale.

Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field
Family Night was a tailgate and tour of the iconic field. A wonderful experience even if you aren't a Packers fan!

Lombardi Trophy
The iconic trophy stands 50' tall.

No one but a packer can touch the grass. But we took a picture.

The Field
Very impressive standing on the edge.

Convention Reports:

  1. State of the Association: John Meyer gave the state of the association report. The association took a hit this year along with the suffering dairy economy. Operating revenue was down almost 1.2 million dollars or 6% and operating expenses were down 1% with a net loss from operations of 1.4 million. Couple the loss from operations along with a loss from Holstein services and a 3.5 million loss on the Reserve fund puts the total decrease in net assets at 3.9 million for 2018.

    While all revenue services were down in participation except for the dairy records processing of ATA they did try to curb expenses as well and most of those costs were down or nearly even for 2018.


  2. Foundation Committee Report - By: Judy Iager, Chairman of the Foundation Committee
    The foundation had $185,000 in donations in 2018. Total investments are 6 million. The 11th class of YDLI is in progress.

    The 25th anniversary of YDLI is in 2019 and they are hosting a leadership conference following the national convention in Wisconsin.

  3. Show Committee Report - Dale Drendal

    Summer Jr 2-Year Old Class will be at Expo this year. The 2019 Judges conference was held in Ohio.
    2020 application for judges list by August 1. Send photo, bio, and your judging high lites
    2020 judging conference to be at RuAnn/Maddox Dairy, California, March 13, 2020.

  4. Legislative Affairs Committee - Pete Duppengeiser
    Continues to support the Dairy Pride Act and supports the Dairy Price Stabilization Program.

  5. Type Committee - Steve Keene
    Classification and set participation is down. Classifiers are collecting data on heel warts. It is difficult to detect sometimes depending on where cattle are viewed. Looking into adding rear leg side view back into Foot & Leg Composite score. The category of Rear Teat Closeness is also a real problem in the industry and will be addressed by committee.

  6. Genetic Advancement Committee
    Hosted a speaker from the US Swine industry to speak on how the Holstein industry can learn from the swine industries experiences. The industry is seeing the bull studs purchase the genetic female base so that they can produce the sires they want without going through the breeders. This consolidates the genetic base and limits the influence of breeders and genetics. This is what happened in the swine industry about 15 - 20 years ago. Currently there are virtually no small breeders and limited genetics in the swine industry. The GAC also is looking at updating the TPI formula. Many are wanting a $ value formula for the TPI so that it compares more to a NM$ or GM$ to have more impact internationally.

  7. Genetic Advancement Committee - Grant Program
    The Holstein grant program was instituted two years ago. In 2017 they approved 80K for a 1.5 year project on how genomic information can be employed to manage inbreeding. In 2018 they approved 232,000 for a 3 year project on the results of breeding Holstein cows for heat tolerance using the slick hair gene.

    Future convention schedule:
    2020 - Pennsylvania; 2021 - Ohio; 2022 - Minnesota/South Dakota; 2023 - Kentucky

Wisconsin Ag Discovery Center
Very interactive and educational display

Katie Wantland in Combine Simulator
Katie Wantland tries her hand at driving a combine in a simulator with a crowd.
Harder than it looks, is what she decided.

Interactive Cow
As the display explained the processes of a dairy cow
each part lit up and showed what was happening.

Milksource Genetics
A popular tour stop

John Vosters of Milk Source
Showed us around the impressive trophy room

What you do if you get lots of banners

Trophy Room
When you win as much as they do,
you need a large room to display all of your awards.

Blondin Redman Seisme-Red EX-97
Just one of the EX-97 cows at MilkSource

Sco-Lo-Af Sid Sangria-ET VG-89
2019 Grand Champion Midwest Spring Nat'l

Miss Apple Snapple-Red-ET EX-94

Katie Wantland (MO) and Norman Bayless (OK)
Pose with Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha EX-96
All-American Aged Cow 2015

Photos from Convention - See farms visited and junior events!
Click on image to view or use arrows to advance image.

National Holstein Convention 2019


Don't forget to visit the junior page to see how our youth are leading the pack and find out contest details.


State Fair LATE FEES WAIVED for 2019

**JUST RELEASED** Due to the extreme weather and flooding that have occurred in Missouri this year, the Missouri State Fair will be waiving all late fees for entries that are not received by the published deadline. The final deadlines for late entries will still be firm, however no late fee will be assessed.

“The Missouri State Fair Commission understands that the agriculture community has endured many hardships this past year because of extreme weather conditions in the state,” Fair Director Mark Wolfe said. “Some of our Fair families have been focused on weather-related issues and just haven’t had the opportunity to prepare their Fair entries. The final late entry deadlines will still have to apply in order for our staff and superintendents to have necessary information to prepare for the shows, but during this time, no late fees will be assessed for entering competitions in 2019.”


Exhibitors under age 13 will be admitted free to the 11-day Fair again this year, while exhibitors age 13 and over will be able to purchase up to 40 single-day exhibitor admission tickets at a special price of $5. The discounted exhibitor tickets are available to order from the Fair business office at the time of competition entry. These tickets will not be available at the gate, and they do not include exhibitor parking. Entry deadline is July 1, 2019.

To enter online, visit www.mostatefair.com, click on 'Online Registration' or call 1-800-422-FAIR (3247).

Missouri Dairy Association Hires Executive Director

June 21, 2019, Jefferson City - Missouri Dairy Association is pleased to announce that J.P. Dunn has been chosen as the organization's Executive Director. Mr. Dunn will be representing the dairy farmers of the state in the Capitol as well as strengthening relationships with stake holders and industry partners. In addition, he will manage the Heart of America Dairy Expo coming up in January, 2020 in Springfield, MO. The board would like to thank former Executive Director, Dave Drennen for 24 years of service and wishes him the best in retirement. To contact J.P.Dunn: 573-690-1014; heartofamericadairy.org

Women In Dairy

JUNE 12, Friday
July WID group will meet with the Missouri Holstein Field Day at Shatto Farms

Shatto Farms
Matt Schapeler, Manager
9406 N. Hwy 33, Osborn, MO
Email: mschapeler@yahoo.com

Reagan Bluel will be taking a van from SW Missouri up to field day. Please contact Reagan for details at 417-847-3161 (text) or BluelRJ@missouri.edu

When: FRIDAY, July 12, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Where: Shatto Farm, Osborn, MO
RSVP or questions: Reagan Bluel 417-847-3161 (text) or BluelRJ@missouri.edu


Update: Dairy Margin Program Signup
June 17 - Sept. 20
New DMC Decision Tool

WASHINGTON — Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced today the availability of a new web-based tool – developed in partnership with the University of Wisconsin – to help dairy producers evaluate various scenarios using different coverage levels through the new Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program. For more information, access the tool at fsa.usda.gov/dmc-tool. For DMC sign up, eligibility and related program information, visit fsa.usda.gov or contact your local USDA Service Center.

NEW:The Department has built in a 50 percent blend of premium and supreme alfalfa hay prices with the alfalfa hay price used under the prior dairy program to provide a total feed cost that more closely aligns with hay rations used by many producers. At a milk margin minus feed cost of $9.50 or less, payments are possible. With the 50 percent hay blend, FSA’s revised April 2019 income over feed cost margin is $8.82 per hundredweight (cwt). The revised margins for January, February and March are, respectively, $7.71, $7.91 and $8.66 – triggering DMC payments for each month.

Signup open from June 17 - September 20, 2019

A link to the recorded webinar will be available at www.fsa.usda.gov/mo following the live presentation.
New Program 2019:
- January Rate: 7.71. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $1.79 per cwt.
- February Rate: 7.91. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $1.59 per cwt.
- March Rate: 8.66. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $0.84 per cwt.
- April Rate: 8.82. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $0.68 per cwt.
- May Rate: 9.00. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $0.50 per cwt.


LATE FEE of $10/Membership
AFTER APRIL 14, 2019
Memberships received after June 1
do NOT qualify for State Sponsored Awards

You can pay dues ONLINE or MAIL!
before June 1 to qualify for association awards.

PAY ONLINE (click here)

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Adult membership dues are a flat fee of $50.00 per herd prefix.
For each additional individual member per prefix, an additional $25.00 per person.
Those adult members who do not own cattle pay $25.00 per membership.
Junior members pay $5.00 per membership.
Removed from Holstein USA Membership March 15.
Late Fee of $10.00 per adult membership April 15 or later.

A paid State Membership will reduce your registration fees 
and other Holstein Service fees. State Memberships are renewed annually for both Adult & Junior Members.

JUNIORS: If you are a Junior only member (your parents are not state association members, and you wish to receive the Mid-States Magazine then you must include $5 additional (per family) with your junior dues in order to receive the Mid-States.

Membership registration forms are available for download - Click HERE.
Please send completed forms and a check payable
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Missouri Holstein Association
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11449 Lawrence 2220
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For questions or more information, email  jwright@missouriholstein.com



If you need a Missouri state member's phone, email
or address click on the link below.

2018 Missouri Membership List - By District

2018 Missouri Membership List - By Last Name


July 12 Missouri Holstein Field Day, Shatto Farms, Osborn, MO
July 13 SC District Show, Ava
July 16 WC District Show, Pleasant Hill
July 16 - 18 4-H State Dairy Judging Camp

July 25 New deadline for waived late fees for MO State Fair

July 25 - 28 Ozark Empire Fair - Dairy Show Ozark Empire Fair Schedule.

August 13-18 Missouri State Fair & SW District Show
September 1 Ad deadline for Pulsator to Jodi

September 8 World Dairy Expo Entries Postmarked

September 19 World Dairy Expo Entries Late Entry Deadline

November 1 Missouri Dairy Hall Nominations Due.
December 1 Ad deadline for Pulsator to Jodi

March 13, 2020 Hol USA Judges Conference, Maddox/RuAnn Dairy, CA

National Holstein Convention 2012 http://www.holsteinconvention2012.com

Scholarship Listings http://www.hoards.com/youth/collegescholarships

Dairy Shrine Scholarships http://www.dairyshrine.org

FFA Scholarships http://www.ffa.org

Robthom Farm, Springfield, MO: http://www.robthom.com/

Groves-View Dairy http://www.grovesviewdairy.com

Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors: http://www.modairyhallofhonors.com/

Missouri Dairy Business Update: http://agebb.missouri.edu/modbu/index.htm

Missouri Dairymen’s Resource Guide: http://www.agebb.missouri.edu/dairy/

Genex Custom Collection Services: http://genex.crinet.com/page189/GenexCustomCollection

Missouri Dairy Association: http://www.missouridairy.org

Dairy Agenda Today: http://www.dairyagendatoday.com

Farms.com Classifieds-Post and search for everything farm related: livestock, feed and used equipment http://www.farms.com/classifieds

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Tommy Scrivner
Phone: 417-543-0725

Vice President
Ryan Bilyeu

Jodi Wright
11449 Lawrence 2220
Verona, MO 65769

Director at Large
Scott Wilson


Mid-States Editor
Kate Geppert
4728 Co Rd 240
Kingdom City, MO 65262

National Director
Dwight Rokey
2021 F Road
Sabetha, Kansas 66534

Holstein Field Representative
Tim Ewing
4784 State Hwy PP
Fordland, MO 65652
417-818-MILK (6455)


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