Oaktop Acres Holsteins Complete
Milking Herd Dispersal
Dennis & Genida Martin
35 hd Registered Holstein Cows Selling
3500 Prairie Farms Milk Base
Tuesday Feb.12, 2019 10:30 AM
Scotland County Livestock, Memphis, MO

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The Missouri Holstein Association hosted its annual State Convention Sale on Friday, January 18, 2019 at the Ramada Inn Oasis Convention Center, Springfield, MO. The state convention sale is a culminating event for the association. Due to the incliment weather that weekend all association awards were presented Friday evening: Futurity awards, Cow of the Year, Distinguished Member, MO Miss, Junior All-Missouri and All-Missouri awards were also part of the presale festivities. The Missouri FFA Dairy Judging Team that won the state contest was also honored as John Underwood presented them with a copy of 100 years of Missouri Holsteins. Our fun auction was also held Saturday evening as a silent auction so members could get back home as early as possible on Saturday.

Gary Estes served as the auctioneer, with Leroy Wright reading pedigrees for the convention sale that featured 14 lots of live cattle and embryos. We are all looking at a tough year in the dairy industry. Even though the outlook is dim at times there was active bidding that took place by phone, the internet via CowBuyer, and live at the sale with an overall sale average of $1525 on 11 live lots (one half lot included). There was active bidding and several contenders online.

High seller individual for the evening was Lot 5 a Crush Fall Calf x VG88 Damion x EX90 Lauthority (Full sister to Stone-Front Iron Pasta) consigned by Dennis Martin of Memphis and purchased by Jason Ewing fro $2050. Second high seller was a Bradnick Sr 3-Yr-Old cow from Robthom farm for $2000 that sold to Julie Griffin of Arkansas.

A complete buyers list can be found at the link below.

A great crowd was on hand for the 2019 State Convention Sale. Weather hadn't turned ugly yet.

State Winning FFA Dairy Judging Team 2018
Honored Bulter FFA Dairy Cattle Judging Team for winning State FFA Contest - Mr. Reese introducing team members. John Underwood presented them with a 100th Anniversary Book.

Reagan Bluel helped with sale
powerpoint and video! Thanks

Gary Estes and Leroy Wright have been a team for years!

Ellie Wantland thanked Shannon for her years of service as Junior Advisor.

Blake Wright presented Shannon with a
'Thank You' vase from the juniors.


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped with this year's sale! An especially big Thank You to Tim Ewing, Jason Ewing and Larry Wright along with the sale committee. Thanks for all of your hard work! Thanks also to the rest of the committee: Jason Ewing, Nelson Hostetler, Brad Groves, and Mike Wilson. An extra special thank you to the great breeders who consigned animals and the buyers who purchased those great animals!

Sale Committee
Gary Estes, Jasob Ewing, Brad Groves, Tim Ewing, Mike Wilson, Nelson Hostetler, Larry Wright

Click here for a Buyers List

A big THANK YOU to our Sale Sponsors!







Missouri Holstein Association Annual Meeting

Ray Schooley always enjoys visiting with exhibitors

Shannon Kleiboeker hands out
Junior association awards.

Governor, Mike Parsons
The Missouri Governor spoke at
the lunch on Friday supporting dairy.

The ninth year in Springfield, a stretch of bad weather the weekend before and bad weather for the Saturday annual meeting brought a very light turnout. There were several meetings going on during the three days and it was enjoyable to see those who were able to attend to talk and discuss items of business in our industry.
Highlights of the Missouri Holstein Convention are as follows. Or you can click on the link below to read the convention book.

  • Hospitality Room - We once again had a hospitality room hosted by Ed Wittorff Friday afternoon and following the sale. Since we've had this a few years now, it is getting a little easier to find. It is really wonderful that our association really does enjoy each other's company as they catch up on the past years events. This is a tradition we hope to continue!
  • Tim Ewing, Holstein USA, Holstein USA is now promoting young sires. Called Marketplace Sires, these are owned by breeders and are conventional semen at $20 / unit. These sires are from outstanding cow families. There is also a YDLI reunion to be held following the 2019 National Holstein Convnetion in WI.
  • Show / Futurity: Committee recomended that we clean up some wording on the entry forms to reflect entering animals at MO State Fair - for the compeletion of the futurity.
  • Ted Probert and John Denbigh reported for Extension and MU. Ted reported on the successes of both the state 4-H and FFA teams that participated in the international judging contest. They all did very well with Missouri kids winning both contests. Missouri should be very proud! Ted discussed the continuation of Dairy Cow Camp at the Freistatt location and Dairy Judging Camp in the summer. John shared about the program at MU that involves non-dairy students in the dairy and allows them to experience new things while some continue on as dairy employees.
  • Sale: Jason Ewing gave a sale report. The sale was tough this year, a sign of the times we are in. Went forward with sale to keep the momentum going even though a rough year. Had videos on each lot this year (if footage provided by consignor). Sale will lose money this year.
  • Awards Committee: Roy Parsons formulated a formal nomination form for the Missouri Distinguished Member award. Had more nominations and votes for Cow of the Year.
  • Field Day: Looking for a volunteer for 2019. Currently we do not have any prospects. Please contact Jodi if you or anyone you know is interested.
  • Pulsator: Both color and black and white advertising is now available in the Pulsator Newsletter. A great way to advertise at a very reasonable rate. Next deadline March 1, 2019.
  • New Officers: President: Tommy Scrivner; VP: Ryan Bilyeu; Secretary: Jodi Wright; Director at Large: Scott Wilson; At Large Board Member: Jason Ewing
  • Junior Advisor: Katie Wantland will work alongside Shannon Kleiboeker for a one year transition as she begins her new career as a Vocational Education Instructor.
Junior convention results listed on the Junior Page.

All-Missouri Awards
Presented by Brad Groves and
MO Holstein Miss Amanda Brooks. Our Engraver had a breakdown, so all awards will be delivered at a later time.

All-Missouri recipients present at the state convention.

The Two Johns
John Underwood and John Denbigh chatting at the meetings.

Futurity Award
Becky Durst receives semen
certificate for 1st & 2nd place from Select representative Kent Daniels.

Nelson Hostetler thanks Past President Brad Groves for his service to the association.

Governor Mike Parsons
The weather was still good on Friday for remarks by the Governor.

Dairy Panel
Three breeders hailing from MO, KS and OK
discussed their operations for convention goers.

Distinguished Member

2018 Missouri Distinguished Member
SueAnn Steele was honored by the association for her time, talents and contribution to Missouri Holstein breeders. SueAnn lead the association as State Executive Director for 15 years and has been the Editor of the Mid-States Holstein news for over 25 years. Husband, Ed Steel was on hand for the presentation. Thank you for your long and dedicated service to the association and it's members.

SueAnn Steele surprised at the honor.

Association Officers
Jodi Wright, Secretary; Ryan Bilyeu, Vice-President; Scott Wilson, Director at Large; Tommy Scrivner, President.

Convention Booklet - 2019

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Convention Booklet PDF: Click on this link to open the Convention Booklet
May take some time to download.


And the Winner Is...

Schoen Farms (Pulsator December Issue)

Boston Pulsator Nomination - PDF

2018 Cow of the Year Winner
Tim Ewing and Holstein Miss Amanda Brooks present the 2018 Cow of the Year award. Due to the weather, Schoen's were not able to be present to receive their award.

Congratulations to Schoen Farms, Jackson, MO


Sponsored by Missouri Dairy Assoc. and Univ of Missouri Extension
February 18 - 22

Program Schedule

9:30 am Registration and Visit Exhibitors
10:00 “Using Dairy Margin Coverage & Dairy Revenue Protection Insurance” Joe Horner, MU
10:45 “Calf Management for a Better Cow” at Sedalia/Union - Haley Linder
"How to Succeed with Selective Dry Cow Therapy" at Springfield/Mtn. Grove/Jackson - Reagan Bluel, MU
11:30 “Missouri Dairy Association Today and Sponsor Recognition”—Dave Drennan, MDA
Noon Lunch and visit with exhibitors
TMR ration particle size determination done, please bring your TMR samples to the meeting if you want the particle size evaluated.
1:30 pm “Treatment of Mastitis"
Dr. John Middleton & Dr. Pamela Adkins, MU
2:30 “Competitive, Compliant, and Confident Labor Managment” Joe Horner, MU
3:15 Adjourn
Call the office listed below TODAY for lunch reservations.

Feb. 18 FCS Offices (NOTE NEW LOCATION), 2600 S. Limit, Sedalia 65301
Call MU Extention 660-827-0591
Feb. 19 Springfield Livestock Marketing Center, Springfield
Call Reagan Bluel 417-847-3161
Feb. 20 MSU State Fruit Research Center, Mountain Grove
Call Ted Probert 417-547-7545
Feb. 21 Cape Girardeau Co. Ext. Office, 684 W. Jackson Trail, Jackson
Call Extension Office 573-243-3581
Feb. 22 Hagie's Nineteen, 618 North Washington, Union
Call Ken Bolte 636-583-5141


Missouri is classifying this month, February. Watch for state compiled list in the next couple months.


Monett Dairy Days
Feb. 12th, Monett, MO

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Hay Clinic

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By-Product Commodities

As you are finishing up in the hay field and calculating feed out for the year, consider stretching your drought stressed hay inventory with commodities. We have a list of different byproducts for sale found at: AgEbb www.agebb.missouri.edu/dairy/byprod/listing.php

Women In Dairy


February 13 @ Mid-South Dairy Records
NEXT WEDNESDAY, February 13. Come on out and learn some new things about how your milk is tested for DHIA!! We will meet at Mid-South Dairy Records from 10am - 2pm. How do they determine, fat, SCC, pregnancy and more?

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We had a great crowd at the Heart of America Dairy Expo to learn about the new Dairy Revenue Protection Insurance Program

Reagan Bluel
Dairy Extention Specialist, Reagan Bluel, organized the Farm Bureau
speaker who was one of the creators of the program.

Lots of questions were brought to the table during the discussion.
We also had several other industry professions in the room to answer questions.

Holstein America Returns Thursday, Feb. 7 on RFD-TV

Click on Image below to view video following the air date. Otherwise be sure to tune in!



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December Pulsator Click on this link to open the pdf: May take some time to download.

March 1 Deadline

Advertise your Cattle for Sale or place a Farm Ad


LATE FEE of $10/Membership
AFTER APRIL 14, 2018
Memberships received after June 1
do NOT qualify for State Sponsored Awards

You can pay dues ONLINE or MAIL!
before June 1 to qualify for association awards.

PAY ONLINE (click here)

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Adult membership dues are a flat fee of $50.00 per herd prefix.
For each additional individual member per prefix, an additional $25.00 per person.
Those adult members who do not own cattle pay $25.00 per membership.
Junior members pay $5.00 per membership.
Removed from Holstein USA Membership March 15.
Late Fee of $10.00 per adult membership April 15 or later.

A paid State Membership will reduce your registration fees 
and other Holstein Service fees. State Memberships are renewed annually for both Adult & Junior Members.

JUNIORS: If you are a Junior only member (your parents are not state association members, and you wish to receive the Mid-States Magazine then you must include $5 additional (per family) with your junior dues in order to receive the Mid-States.

Membership registration forms are available for download - Click HERE.
Please send completed forms and a check payable
to Missouri Holstein Association to:

Missouri Holstein Association
Jodi Wright, Secretary/Treasurer
11449 Lawrence 2220
Verona, MO 65769

For questions or more information, email  jwright@missouriholstein.com



If you need a Missouri state member's phone, email
or address click on the link below.

2018 Missouri Membership List - By District

2018 Missouri Membership List - By Last Name


Read details of Mandated Sequester below

Historical MPP margins are listed below.

Click here for historical MPP margins, will be updated monthly.

For those enrolled in the 2018 USDA Margin Protection Program,
January $8.117, February $6.88, March $6.768, April $6.616, May $6.78, June $7.365, July $6.718, August $7.43, September $8.26 (no payment), October $8.957 (no payment), November $8.66 (no payment). There have been no official deadlines for the new program (under new farm bill) released at this time.

Historical MPP margins are listed below.

Click here for historical MPP margins, will be updated monthly.

Standard MPP Sequester explanation.

Click here for information on MPP sequester deduction.


February 7 RFD TV Holstein America, 9pm CST
February 12 Monett Dairy Day, 10AM
February 15 NHWSO Scholarship Applications due
Scholarship rules & application
February 18-22 Missouri Dairy Profit Seminars
February 21 Regional Hay Workshop, Lamar (Extension)
February 28 National Awards Due: Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder, Elite Breeder, Distinguished Ladership. Find at www.holteinusa.com under "Awards" then "Individuals".

March 1, 2018 MDA Dairy Scholars Scholarship Applications due
Scholarship rules & application
Scholarship details
March 15 Award Applications due - National Dairy Shrine

March 15 MHA Dues PAYABLE

April 9 - 13 Southern Spring National, Stillwater
April 15 MHA Dues LATE and require additional $10/adult late fee

June 1 MHA Membership dues received after June 1 are not eligible for Association Sponsored Awards.

June 24 - 27/font> National Holstein Convention, Wisconsin

National Holstein Convention 2012 http://www.holsteinconvention2012.com

Scholarship Listings http://www.hoards.com/youth/collegescholarships

Dairy Shrine Scholarships http://www.dairyshrine.org

FFA Scholarships http://www.ffa.org

Robthom Farm, Springfield, MO: http://www.robthom.com/

Groves-View Dairy http://www.grovesviewdairy.com

Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors: http://www.modairyhallofhonors.com/

Missouri Dairy Business Update: http://agebb.missouri.edu/modbu/index.htm

Missouri Dairymen’s Resource Guide: http://www.agebb.missouri.edu/dairy/

Genex Custom Collection Services: http://genex.crinet.com/page189/GenexCustomCollection

Missouri Dairy Association: http://www.missouridairy.org

Dairy Agenda Today: http://www.dairyagendatoday.com

Farms.com Classifieds-Post and search for everything farm related: livestock, feed and used equipment http://www.farms.com/classifieds

We would like to link our Missouri Holstein Members that have a webpage of their own to the Missouri Holstein Page. Would you like to have your page linked up with ours? Contact Jodi Wright through the feedback form and I'll explain how it will work. We'd love to have everyone listed. There is no cost to you for this service.


Brad Groves
Phone: 417-880-7012

Vice President
Tommy Scrivner

Jodi Wright
11449 Lawrence 2220
Verona, MO 65769

Director at Large
Nelson Hostetler


Mid-States Editor
Kate Geppert
5803 Redwing Dr.
Columbia, MO 65202

National Director
Dwight Rokey
2021 F Road
Sabetha, Kansas 66534

Holstein Field Representative
Tim Ewing
4784 State Hwy PP
Fordland, MO 65652
417-818-MILK (6455)


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