Sedalia, MO on August 18, 2023
Judge Delbert Yoder, OH


Dairy Agenda Today is coming to the Missouri State Fair to cover
the Open Holstein and Jersey Shows for 2023.

Sponsorships are needed. Sponsorships will feature your farms logo at the top of show coverage page! Contact Jodi for Holstein Sponsorships at jwright@missouriholstein.com or 417-840-3203 and Karla Deaver at deaverk@missouri.edu or 417-316-0191 for Jersey sponsorships.


Sixteenth Annual Cow of the Year Contest
Do you have a special animal on your farm? Is she a high producer, great flush cow, excellent brood cow, or just one that is a favorite for your family? The Cow of the year contest is for you. You can nominate any animal that you think deserves Cow of the Year recognition in Missouri.

This is a reminder of the requirements to participate. The winner will be voted on in the December Pulsator newsletter and the winner will be announced at the State Holstein Convention in January. A special traveling trophy and a personal award will be given.

2023 Requirements:

  1. Animal has to be bred & owned by nominator and be 87% RHA. May be adult or junior owned.
  2. Animal has to be alive on 1/1/23
  3. The animal must be nominated in any one of the four issues of the Pulsator Newsletter OR the Mid-States Holstein News with or without photos with indication of nomination in ad. Any size ad qualifies, but it must include the cow of the year logo in the ad.
  4. The animal must be a milking age female.
  5. Ballots will be in the Pulsator after the December Mid-States. Each paid adult or junior member, age 9 and up by January 1st (the year of the nominations) can vote. The ballots will include birthdates. Results will be given at the State Convention.
  6. **CHANGE FOR 2023** Nominations will close in Fall 2023 (final nominations in September issue) to allow for a longer voting time and magazine mailing.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY 2023: The September issue of the Pulsator is the final edition that an animal can be nominated for Cow of the Year. Pulsator deadline - Aug. 20, 2023. Remember you must have an ad to nominate your cow.

You can nominate your Cow of the Year in the Pulsator. Deadline: August 20.


Summer Field Day
Schoen Farms, Oakridge

Sedalia, MO on August 18, 2023
Judge Delbert Yoder, OH

Schoen's welcomed over 125 guests!

The cows were ready to welcome guests!

Janice and Robert Perry manned the registration table. THANK YOU.

The guys are putting on the final touches for the day.

Guests looking at the milk barn and the maternity pen

John Schoen introducing the family to guests.

What a Great day for Field Day!

The Schoen family went above and beyond showcasing their multi-generational dairy. John and his sister Cathy and their children and grandchildren are the driving force behind the success of Schoen's. A rain shower the evening before made for great spirits and a settling of the dust.

Guests rotated through several different stations: The new parallel milking barn with updated technology, bedded maternity pen, sand bedded dry pen, calf barn, calf milk pasteurizing and calf feeding room, tractor ride to heifer barn, and free-stall barn for milking females.

We had a great group of sponsors that took part in the day. Gateway FS was a gold sponsor that provided the meal. They also provided door prizes and awards for the judging contest assembled by Melinda Schoen. A wonderful lunch and a roundtable featuring family members and Extension specialists to explain how the Schoen's tackle family transition and face the future with excitement and innovation.

Heifer Barn with split pens and straw bedding.

Heifer barn with progressive pens and headlocks.

Tractor ride from the main facility to the heifer barn

Matt Moreland answering questions in the milking free-stall barn.

Melinda Schoen talking with judging class official, Kevin Hartman, IL.
Kevin will be an official judge this year at World Dairy Expo.

Kevin Hartman placing the judging class.

Mom helping a young judger with his placing.

Two adults tied, so they had to give oral reasons to the guests to earn the top prize of 10L of Eprinex!

Terri Schoen helping guests to get their judging cards turned in.

Corvin Schoen making last minute touches and John Schoen enjoys talking with guests.

Cathy Schoen Hemmann telling guests about her calf barn.

Guests talking with Extension specialist, Reagan Bluel.

We had a great lunch and a full tent.

Additional Sponsors: Prairie Farms, Unverfehrt Farm Supply, Summit Genetics

Thanking the entire Schoen family for hosting an OUTSTANDING field day
with an engraving of the farm.

Schoen Farms
John Schoen
447 Co. Rd. 519, Oak Ridge, MO 63769
Email: schoenfarm1@hughes.net


2023 Midwest Delegates

Regional Delegates
NE: Dean Engelman, MO: Janice Perry, KS: Roy Buessing, NM: Jodi Wright; OK: Norman Bayless, MO: Ryan Bilyeu

This year's convention was held in Lexington, Kentucky.

Pertinent Resolutions voted upon at National Convention:

  1. Resolutions:

    1. National Judges List: ... Resolved: that the New England States Holstein members convened in annual meeting on October 30, 2021, request that the Holstein USA Board of Directors and/or the Show Committee review the current process for determining how the national list judges list, including the number of judges school, is determined and what factors determine who goes on the list.
    Resolution PASSED to move to board for consideration

    2. DNA testing Provides verified Parentage for Herdbook Registration: ....WHEREAS: The Pennsylvania Holstein Association supports that Holstein Association USA, the world leader in dairy cattle identification allow for registration in their Herdbook based on factual discoveries revealed by DNA testing of Holstein Cattle.

    AND WHEREAS: Official registration of Holstein cattle is deeply rooted in the “paper trail” of on-farm (paper and/or computer) and DHIA records. While that remains a true form of verification to register Holsteins, it leaves some breeders and their cattle with missing information out of the herd book, unless DNA testing is used to verify that parentage. However, a breeder/dairy producer cannot DNA test an obviously Holstein looking heifer without a “paper trail”, discover her sire and maternal grandsire from the genetic test, and then have her registered with Holstein USA.

    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOVLED: The Pennsylvania Holstein Association urges the Holstein Association USA to register Holstein cattle based on verified DNA testing that reveals adequate parentage without paper or computer ID documentation will be a baseline 74%RHA. Furthermore, this change in policy will allow for more cattle to enter the Holstein USA herd book which will increase Association revenue and member income.

    submitted by Pennsylvania Association.
    Resolution PASSED to move to board for consideration

    3. Holstein USA Delegate Representation: ...Whereas: Each year Holstein Association USA utilizes people from states with larger delegate pools to fill the delegate position in neighboring states. Pennsylvania Holstein members have been appointed by Holstein USA to fill delegate positions in Delaware and West Virginia numerous times in the past.

    And Whereas: The appointed Pennsylvania person to fill the other states’ delegate position is the only person from the PA Holstein delegate pool to fill that position. Thus no one else can fill the position and it remains open with no representation.

    Therefore, Be It Resolved: When this open delegate position presents itself, then Holstein USA allows the next eligible person from the elected delegate voter pool from the larger state like Pennsylvania to fill the position. With either of the following two potential options available being utilized: If need known, appointment prior to or appointment at the Holstein USA Annual Meeting. This will prevent under representation through open delegate seats.

    submitted by Pennsylvania Association.
    Resolution RECINDED by Pennsylvania Association.

    4. Prefix usage related to IVF Sessions Purchases: ...Whereas: Throughout the history of HFAA and/or Holstein Association USA the owner of the cow at the time of breeding is to be the breeder of said offspring and their prefix will be used in naming that resulting offspring.

    And Whereas: The buyer of IVF session purchases has been allowed by Holstein USA to utilize their prefix for the resulting calves.

    Therefore, it be resolved: Pennsylvania Holstein Association urges Holstein Association USA to maintain the traditional prefix usage standard that exists in all breeding situations.

    submitted by Pennsylvania Association.
    Resolution PASSED to move to board for consideration

    5.Host State Resolution of Appreciation: ... BE IT RESOLVED: That the delegates of the 137th Annual Meeting of Holstein Association USA, Inc. express sincere thanks and appreciation to our hosts of the 2023 National Holstein Convention, the members of the Kentucky Holstein Cattle Club.

    The Holstein Association recognizes that for the past three years, our hosts have thoughtfully planned, selected and organized these enjoyable social and educational activities for our 137th Annual Meeting here in Lexington.

    Further, the Holstein Association USA acknowledges the high amount of energy that each organizer, committee member, and volunteer has invested in creating a memorable week in this beautiful Bluegrass State!

    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that, on behalf of the Board of Directors, delegates, members and staff, the Holstein Association USA commends and congratulates the Kentucky Holstein Cattle Club for their successes in Lexington this week, and thanks them for their warm welcome and hospitality during our 137th Annual Meeting and National Holstein Convention. ...
    Resolution PASSED to move to board for consideration

  • Election of new officers: Directors for Regions Region 1, 4, 6, and At-Large

    Declared candidate for Region 1:

    Betsy Bullard, Maine **Elected**

    Justine Kelsey, New York

    Declared candidate for Region 4:

    Randy Inman, Virginia

    Scott Yocum, Kentucky **Elected**

    Declared candidates for Region 6 Director: - Running Un-opposed

    Region 6: Spencer Hackett, Minnesota **Elected**

    Declared candidates for At-Large Director:

    Greg Anderson, Idaho

    Trent Henkes, Iowa

    Andy Lenkaitis, Illinois **Elected**

    Brian Olbrich, Illinois

  • Lexington, Kentucky was the destination for the final year of National conventions hosted by state associations. Starting next year the National association will take over the entire hosting responsibility. Lexington was a beautiful location and even though cows were not the highlight this year, the horses stole the show! We were treated to some outstanding horse farms along with excellent bourbon tours and tastings. Kentucky gave us their best and it did not disappoint. The Missouri delegation this year consisted of: 5 juniors and 10 adults: Ryan, Kiesha & Hope Bilyeu, Kate & Sophia Geppert, Susan & Amanda Brooks, Janice Perry, Jeannie Luttrell, Jodi, Lora & Blake Wright, Case Melzer, Jason, Sarah and Sammi Justice.

    The juniors participated in Jeopardy, Public Speaking, digital scrapbook, and one Missouri junior is on the Jr Advisor Committee. Check out the junior page to see how our juniors did. They represented our state well!

    Check out the junior page for all of the award results!

    A legendary track.

    Warming Up
    After the horses run by then they walk back along the rails. Right up close.

    Keenland Racetrack
    We were able to see the warm-ups on the track. Amazing to watch.

    Spendthrift Farm
    Home to the highest stud fee stallion at $250,000 Into Mischief and Derby winner Authentic ~ 2020.

    The Kentucky Derby Winning Trophy
    Won by Authentic in 2020.

    The Derby ring and Head

    The Winning Roses
    The roses, bridle, shoes, and silks are inlaid into the floor.

    Into Mischief
    We got to view the big man on campus

    Into Mischief
    Into Mischief is the leading money winning stallion who catches a stud fee of $250,000. We were able to see him.

    Spendthrift Stallion
    The farm brought out an Into Mischief son for us to see up close.

    Part of our group
    Everyone was going in many different directions and never got a complete group photo,
    but here is part of the group at Keenland.



    Most districts do not hold a separate district show any more. JUNIORS have altered their All-Missouri awards calculation removing the district show component. Because not all districts were equal across the state. Juniors and adults All-Missouri awards are based on show results from the OPEN SHOW at the state fair.

    However one district does have some separate awards, listed below.


    August 18 ~ 8:00 AM Southwest District Show, State Fair Open Show


    Issues Dairy Producers need to
    Express their Opinions Regarding!

    1. Protecting School Milk Choice - 2 bills
    H.R. 819 - Protecting School Milk Choices Act of 2023
    H.R. 3930 - MILK Act of 2023

    There are TWO related legislation introduced to keep flavored milk in schools.

    June 8, 2023: WASHINGTON, DC – Wisconsin Congressman Tom Tiffany (WI-07), joined by seven members of Congress, introduced H.R. 3930, the Milk is Indisputably Liked by Kids Act of 2023 – or MILK Act for short. This legislation would amend the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act to require schools to offer flavored milk under the school lunch program.

    Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is considering banning chocolate milk from elementary and middle schools. This comes after the USDA issued a proposed rule in February that would set new nutrition standards for school meals, including limiting added sugars and sodium. If implemented, the new standards proposed could limit the amount of flavored milk, such as chocolate and strawberry, in high schools while children in elementary and middle schools would be restricted to a variety of unflavored milk.

    To view more information on this legislation view Congressman Tiffany's press release

    Click here for the status of this bill in congress.gov.


    February 3, 2023 Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, a senior member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, reintroduced the H.R. 819-Protecting School Milk Choices Act, which would ensure schools participating in the National School Lunch Program offer students at least one flavored milk option.

    "The federal government has demonized milk, resulting in a lost generation of milk drinkers, despite the clear nutritional benefits," said Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture GT Thompson. "Young minds work best when students have nutrition to fuel learning. We should be offering more options in schools, not fewer."

    To view information on H.R 819 from congresswoman Stefanik

    The USDA and Food and Nutrition Service are currently reviewing comments accepted this spring. At this stage in the process you can make your concerns known to your member of congress. To view proposed provisions:

    Click here for the status of this bill in congress and to contact your representative for comment.

    Additional School Milk Information:
    PA Senate passes resolution to allow Whole Milk in PA Schools.



    **Job Opening**

    Looking for a fun and engaging way to support Missouri Youth in Dairy...?

    Currently taking applications for 2024 Junior Advisor
    Duties include but are not limited to:
    -Organize and plan Junior Meeting and activities at state convention
    -Keep record of all Junior Association Finances
    -Sit on the Missouri Holstein Board of Directors
    -Coordinate with State Holstein Secretary
    -Organize trip to National Holstein Convention
    -Choose and train teams and individuals to represent MO Holstein at National Convention Contests
    -Organize fundraising
    -The Junior Advisor will to be in charge of ALL junior activities.
    For more information contact Shannon Kleiboeker To apply, please send resume by Dec 1, 2023 to:

    Missouri Holstein
    11449 Lawrence 2220
    Verona, MO 65769

    Women In Dairy
    August Recess

    2023 Meeting Schedule

    August - Skipping this month
    September 14 - Battlefield Lavender Farm field trip, Centralia, MO

    A great lineup of information is set up for the next several months. Mark your calendars! LOTS to LEARN! To RSVP for an event to make sure we have enough food and supplies please contact Reagan below.

    Reagan Bluel 417-847-3161 (text) or calling the office (417-847-3161), BluelRJ@missouri.edu

    Celebrated June Dairy month by sharing with the public.

    Young Dairy Leaders Institute
    Accepting Applications for Class 13

    Applications Due September 15, 2023

    BRATTLEBORO, Vt. August 7, 2023 — The Holstein Foundation’s premier leadership program, the Young Dairy Leaders Institute (YDLI), is now accepting applications for Class 13. The engaging, hands-on program is open to young adults ages 22 to 45 working in any segment of the dairy industry.

    The cornerstone program of the Holstein Foundation, YDLI is a nationally recognized leadership and communication skills development program. Applications for YDLI Class 13 are due September 15, 2023, and can be found at www.holsteinfoundation.org.

    The interactive, three-phase program focuses on strengthening young adults in the areas of growth mindset, team culture, advocacy, embracing change, community involvement, and more. Many participants say they leave the on-site training sessions with a renewed sense of energy, drive, and passion for the dairy community.

    Phase I of YDLI will meet in Tampa, Florida from January 28 to February 1, 2024. The on-site training sessions are energetic and motivational, designed for participants to build skills and connect with others. During Phase II, participants will complete self-driven projects in their local communities. The program will wrap up with another round of thought-provoking in-person sessions during Phase III, held January 26 to 30, 2025 in Tampa, Florida.

    YDLI attracts the brightest and most engaged young adults in the dairy community, and those working on dairy farms or in other aspects of the industry are encouraged to apply. International English-speaking applicants are also invited to apply for the program.

    The Young Dairy Leaders Institute has graduated over 700 alumni since its inception in 1993. In October 2023, top tier applicants will be selected from across North America for Class 13, diverse in their backgrounds and roles within the industry.

    Those selected as YDLI class members will need to invest the time needed to complete projects throughout the year long program. Much of the program is funded by the Holstein Foundation, thanks to several generous sponsors. However, class members pay a registration fee, along with travel and hotel costs. Some scholarships are available for full-time dairy producers who apply.

    To learn more about cost or sponsorship opportunities, or find the YDLI application, visit www.holsteinfoundation.org. Contact Diedra Harkenrider at dharkenrider@holstein.com with other questions or for more information.

    Some past participants from Missouri: Michelle Eilenstine, Brad Groves, Alfred Brandt, Kate Geppert, Jodi Wright and Tim Ewing.


    NEXT AD DEADLINE - August 20!

    This issue will
    1. Feature Midwest Holsteins - so advertise your farm to 5000 farms in the Midwest for one great price!! Use your ad $ wisely and reach more people!
    2. This issue will travel to World Dairy Expo!
    3. 2023 Cow of the Year Nominations will be featured in the FALL issue. Nominate your BEST!
    4. Complete results from the many state breed shows at Missouri State Fair and Ozark Empire Fair.

    Soooo, reserve your space TODAY with Shannon, Jenna or Jodi!

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    Deadline for the next issue is August 20!

    Watch for your copy and contact Shannon below for more details!
    Shannon Kleiboeker mopulsator@gmail.com or 417-737-2876
    Jenna Wilson mopulsator2@gmail.com

    Ozark Empire Fair Photos

    Photos from Open Holstein Show
    Click on image to view or use arrows to advance image.

    OEF 2023 - Open Holstein


    Membership Dues BY-LAW CHANGE 2023
    All Membership Dues = $50 (Farm and Associate).

    Junior only members (no adult membership with them) are encouraged to pay an additional $25.00 Pulsator Subscription fee.

    Additional members per farm prefix are still $25.00


    1. Membership dues per Farm/Prefix (includes Pulsator Subscription) = $50
    2. Pulsator Magazine Subscription (for associate members or jr only
           members or additional magazines) = $25
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    Please send completed forms and a check payable
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    Missouri Holstein Association
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    For questions or more information, email  jwright@missouriholstein.com



    If you need a Missouri state member's phone, email
    or address click on the link below.

    2023 Missouri Membership List - By District


    Dairy Margin Program

    Information regarding DMC can be found here.
    USDA Dairy Margin Coverage Program - 2023
    Rates for 2023:
    - January Rate: 7.94. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $1.56 per cwt
    - February Rate: 6.19. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $3.31 per cwt
    - March Rate: 6.08. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $3.42 per cwt.
    - April Rate: 5.84. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $3.66 per cwt.
    - May Rate: 4.83. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $4.67 per cwt.
    - June Rate: 3.65. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $5.85 per cwt.



    August 15-20 Missouri State Fair, Dairy Show

    August 18 Southwest District Show @ OEF
    August 18 Missouri State Fair Holstein Show and 3-Year Old Futurity, Sedalia

    August 20 Ad deadline for Fall Pulsator: Midwest Holsteins, Cow of the Year Nominations

    September 4 World Dairy Expo Entries Postmarked

    September 13 YDLI Class 13 Applications Due

    Oct. 1 - 6 World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI

    November 1 Missouri Dairy Hall Nominations Due.
    November 13-16 Missouri District Holstein Meetings.
    November 20 Ad deadline for Pulsator to Jodi

    December 1 Junior Advisor Resume Submission

    Scholarship Listings http://www.hoards.com/youth/collegescholarships

    Dairy Shrine Scholarships http://www.dairyshrine.org

    FFA Scholarships http://www.ffa.org

    Groves-View Dairy http://www.grovesviewdairy.com

    Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors: http://www.modairyhallofhonors.com/

    Missouri Dairy: http://www.modairy.org

    Dairy Agenda Today: http://www.dairyagendatoday.com

    Farms.com Classifieds-Post and search for everything farm related: livestock, feed and used equipment http://www.farms.com/classifieds

    MU Extension Monthly Newsletter

    We would like to link our Missouri Holstein Members that have a webpage of their own to the Missouri Holstein Page. Would you like to have your page linked up with ours? Contact Jodi Wright through the feedback form and I'll explain how it will work. We'd love to have everyone listed. There is no cost to you for this service.


    Scott Wilson

    Vice President
    John Schoen

    Jodi Wright
    11449 Lawrence 2220
    Verona, MO 65769

    Director at Large
    Shannon Kleiboeker


    Pulsator Editor
    Shannon Kleiboeker
    17077 Lawrence 1030
    Wentworth, MO 64873

    Mid-States Editor
    Kate Geppert
    4728 Co Rd 240
    Kingdom City, MO 65262


    National Director
    Dwight Rokey
    2021 F Road
    Sabetha, Kansas 66534

    Holstein Field Representative
    Jason Ewing


    If you would like more information on the following:

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