2018 Missouri Holstein Field Day
Tuesday, July 24 - Barnett, Missouri
Luck-E-Charm Holsteins
Michael & Catherine Leinbach

Everyone is Welcome - Bring a Neighbor!

Luck-E-Charm Holsteins is owned and operated by Michael and Catherine Leinbach of Barnett, Missouri. Barnett is located in Central Missouri between Versailles and Eldon. The Leinbach’s have always produced high quality milk achieving the lowest SCC in the DFA central region once and first in their district six of the last ten years.

They have recently built a new sand bedded free-stall facility that houses 100 cows featuring automated flushing systems, curtains, and temperature controlled fans. The new parallel double six rapid exit milking facility completes the key features of this well managed herd. Save the date and plan to spend the day with fellow breeders and industry professionals!

They invite you to save the date of July 24 as you join them for a great day.

Schedule and Events Include:

  • 10:00 am Registration
  • 10:30 am Welcome, introductions & program begin
  • 12:30 pm Lunch sponsored by Stover Milling Company
  • Refreshments will be provided all day

The Leinbach's will display and demonstrate:
  1. Bedded sand freestall barn 150’ x 105’ with automatic flush system. Flushes every 1.5 hours. Headlocks and TMR facility.
  2. Automated ventilation curtains & ceiling fans with variable speed activated on temperature and humidity.
  3. New parallel double 6 rapid exit milking parlor. Flexible airbag breast bar customizes to cattle size.
  4. Remodeled heifer barn.
  5. Breeder and industry panel discussion on Milk Supply Management.
  6. View several family members of the 4E-95 Lo-Pine Jet Bianca family including a granddaughter sired by Sanchez. The Jacoby x TJR Blondin Delaney x Desire along with other prominent cow families.
  7. Several vendors will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate products
  8. Lunch will be provided with several door prizes.

Directions: College of the Ozarks is located just South of Branson.
• DIRECTIONS: Farm is 50 miles from Jefferson City.
From South - From Eldon take Hwy 52 West past Barnett. Travel 4 miles. Turn right (North) on Ridgewood Rd. Travel 1 mile, turn right (East) on Ridgewood Lane, travel 1/2 mile, turn left (North) on Brookside Lane. Farm is first place on left (West).
From North: From Versailles travel Hwy 52 E 3.8 miles, turn left (East) on Brookside Rd, travel 2 miles, turn right (South) on Brookside Lane. Travel 1/2 mile and farm on right (west).

Michael & Catherine Leinbach
7344 Brookside Lane, Barnett, MO



There are five district shows. If you are in the area, go and support your local dairy breeders at their district shows. It is a great way to get to know other breeders. Some districts also have meals and other activities planned. If you have any questions just give your district president or me a call. South Central district show date is not yet finalized.


June 1-3 Arkansas Juniors
4-State Dairy Days, Bentonville

July 10 Northeast District Show, Knox County Fair, Edina, MO

July 11 West Central District Show
Held at Cass County Fairgrounds, Pleasant Hill.

July 28 South Central District Show

August 17 ~ 8:00 AM Southwest District Show, MO state Fair.
Held in conjunction with Stat Fair



Alfred Brandt, Linn, MO
Janice Perry, Republic, MO

This year's convention items

Pertinent issues to be voted upon at National Convention in June:

  1. Resolutions:

    1. Minnesota proposed that 25 cents of each registration application be returned to states to help struggling state associations.
    After discussion from the national directors the board had decided before the meeting that the national office to put that money into upgrades. Therefore, the board voted not to act on this resolution.

    2. Michigan formulated a resolution that Holstein USA examine the financial impact on states hosting and operating the National Convention annual meeting. The board set an ad-hoc committee to review the impact of convention on states and how things could be changed.

    3. California wants to use other tag brands and styles for the official 840 tags. Several of the dairies utilize heifer Allflex tags are being lost in all ages of cattle. There would be no rebate for the non Allflex tags. Voted on by delegates and passed 74-64.

    4. California wants 840 RFID tags for ID for registration. These tags are OK for genomic and interstate shipment. No herd management # on the tag. Ok to use but 2 tags are also needed to be official. Voted on by delegates and defeated. Board takes no position on it.

    #5. Thanks for hosting to the Michigan association

  2. Election of new officers: Directors for Region 5, 8, 9, and At-Large

    Declared candidate for Region 5 Director:

    Jim Rickert, Eldorado, Wisconsin

    Robert (Bob) Webb, Plymouth, Wisconsin **ELECTED**

    Declared candidates Region 8 Director:

    John Anderson, Jerome, Idaho **ELECTED**

    Declared candidate for Region 9 Director:

    Bill Genasci, Modesto, California **ELECTED**

    Rodney Paulo, Hanford, California

    Declared candidates for At-Large Director:

    John Marshman, Oxford, New York **ELECTED**

Northern Michigan was the destination for this year's National Holstein Convention. Michigan showed attendees a wonderful time with a wide variety of activities and sights to chose from. A small Missouri delegation traveled north this year consisting of: 4 juniors and 8 adults: Alfred Brandt, Kate & Sophia Geppert, Susan & Amanda Brooks, Robert & Janice Perry, Shannon & Colton Kleiboeker, Betty & Roper Voskamp, Shauna Jones.

Acme, Michigan boasted beautiful shorelines, cherries, sand dunes, Mackinac Island, floating rivers, sailboat rides, farm tours, and much so much more if you were up to exploring.

The juniors participated in Dairy Bowl, Banner, and Public Speaking. Check out the junior page to see how our juniors did. They represented our state well!

There were several tours and sights for the attendees to see. Here is a glimpse of the travels! Delegates Alfred Brandt and Janice Perry both toured Mackinac Island during Host Day activities.

Convention Delegates
Some of the delegates from each state conducting the association's business at the annual meeting. Missouri delegates Janice Perry and Alfred Brandt at the top of the photo. Photo credit: Holstein USA

Lunch Stop - Country Dairy
A lunch stop made on the trip to Michigan. A farm store with a restaurant that had all the cold milk you could drink with your meal!

Grand Hotel
The famous Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

Lake Michigan
The beach on Lake Michigan. Some braved the chilly water to swim.

Mackinac Island Carriages
A bridge takes you to Mackinac Island where there are NO motorized vehicles allowed. Biking, walking and horse transportation are how you get around the island.

Lake Ferry
You can also arrive on the island by ferry boat.

Bikes Bikes Everywhere
There was also lots and lots of bike traffic on the island.

Beautiful Flowers
The island was filled with beautiful flowers all around.

Convention Reports:

  1. Junior Activities Committee Report

    76 jeopardy contestants
    27 Dairy Bowl teams
    50 speeches
    5 scrapbooks
    9 Digital scrapbooks
    7 Banners
    46 Folding Displays
    250 production and Breeder awards
    He told how much money the Foundation had but I didn’t get it wrote down. It was a lot!

    No penny wars. Loss of interest and Michigan didn’t want to mess with it.
  2. Show Committee Report

    12 National shows in 2018
    Optional classes. Fall yearling and summer calf
    2019 application for judges list by August 1. Send photo, bio, and your judging high lites
    2019 judging conference Columbus Ohio Spring Dairy Expo

    Over bagging- discussion followed
    1- how do you see an over bagged cow?
    2-Does she walk freely or around her udder
    3-popped seams
    4- talk to people doing it or person in charge
    5-judges are told to put cows down the line but that didn’t happen

  3. Legislative Affairs Committee
    Go to www.holsteinusa.com and sign petition on legislative page about Dairy Pride

    Future convention schedule:
    2019 - Appleton, Wisconsin; 2020 - Pennsylvania; 2021 - Ohio; 2022 - Minnesota/South Dakota

Alfred, Sonja and Sam Brandt
Alfred was a delegate and Sonja and Sam came along as well.

Voskamp Family
Shauna Jones, Betty and Roper Voskamp made the trip to Michigan for convention this year.

Don't forget to visit the junior page for even more photos and contest details.



2 Full Time Milking Positions - We have 2 full time milking positions open at the University of Missouri Foremost Dairy Farm. For position details and compensation contact John Denbigh at denbighj@missouri.edu 573-999-2676.

Interested parties can also log on to https://hrs.missouri.edu Job opening 26324 Tittle: Dairy worker.

John Denbigh
Herdsman Foremost Dairy
Columbia, MU

Drought Alert - Be Sure to REPORT!

We know it is bad out there and super spotty, so please help in reporting the extent of the drought in your area.

Help spread the word about an on-farm survey... only takes 5 mins and helps climatologists know how spotty the rains have been: Click here for survey

Please let me know if you have questions or need additional information.

Thanks all,
Reagan Bluel
University of Missouri - Dairy Specialist
417-847-3161 (office)

YDLI Class 11 Applications Due Aug. 1

Young Dairy Leaders Institute (YDLI) is the cornerstone program of the Holstein Foundation. YDLI is a nationally recognized three-phase leadership and communication skills development program for young adults working in the dairy industry. YDLI's three-phase approach ensures participants develop necessary leadership skills, apply those skills in real-life scenarios, and then focus on the benefits of influential leadership.

YDLI has over 600 alumni that can attest to its merit. The Holstein Foundation is seeking young adults, ages 22-45, with a passion for the dairy industry to apply for the upcoming eleventh YDLI class. Applications are due August 1, 2018 and may be downloaded from the Holstein Foundation website at www.holsteinfoundation.org/YDLI.

Recent graduate Ashley Sears Randle says, “From dynamic presenters and workshops, to the opportunity to network with individuals from the U.S. and world, YDLI reaffirmed and re-energized my passion for the dairy industry. I am now better equipped to tackle the tough questions, share my story with consumers, and work collaboratively with my fellow YDLI Class 10 graduates, advisory board, and allied industry members to affect positive change. We have both the opportunity and challenge to make forward progress as our industry continues to evolve, and I am confident that YDLI has provided me with the skills, knowledge, and connections to make a significant impact."

Dairy producers working with all breeds of dairy cattle, and allied dairy industry members, are encouraged to apply. YDLI Class 11 will have on-site meetings in Phoenix, Ariz. February 6-9, 2019 and February 5-8, 2020.

Phase I is focused on individual leadership and personal development. During Phase II, participants complete a series of assignments in their community, which emphasizes the advocacy and outreach skills gained during Phase I. Phase III features sessions on advanced communications training, influencing public policy and continued advocacy and leadership. Throughout the program, an emphasis is placed on networking with industry peers, a benefit that carries on long after a YDLI class is complete.

“The greatest thing I see YDLI graduates take away is a boost in confidence. We challenge them to do some things they never have before, and when they achieve their goals, it lights a fire in them to do more,” Jodi Hoynoski, Holstein Foundation staff, states.

Join the growing group of individuals who call YDLI the opportunity of a lifetime! Visit www.holsteinfoundation.org/YDLI to download the YDLI Class 11 application, as well as view more detailed information on the program. With questions or for more information, contact Jodi Hoynoski via email jhoynoski@holstein.com, or 800.952.5200, ext. 4261.

Some of the Missouri YDLI Participants
Ask them what it is all about!

Brad Groves, Michelle Eilenstine, Jodi Wright, Alfred Brandt, Kate Geppert, Tim Ewing, Julie Brown, Karla Deaver

Women In Dairy

June Dairy Month Promotion at Ruby's Market, Springfield.


What an awesome day we had promoting dairy at our June Dairy Month Promotion in Springfield. Ruby's Market graciously opened their doors and hosted us in their parking lot for the informative event. The group interacted with the public answering their questions and explaining what really happens on a working dairy farm.

Aida Bluel brought her calf Boom for the public to pet and see. She was a big hit as you can see below! Special thanks to the Mid-West Ambassadors Lani Ogle and Ashton Atterberry for assisting with the event. We handed out a lot of informational material and shared our story. It was a beautiful day.

Never think that people are not interested in what you have to say. Just look at the look on these kids faces!

Janice Perry sharing about dairies.
Janice is answering questions as kids try their hand at milking our cow!

Come on - she won't hurt you.
Extension Specialist, Reagan Bluel, holds 'Boom' so that a young attendee can pet her.
The kids just loved the heifer.

For July we are going to join the Holstein Field Day, July 24, Barnett, MO.

Missouri 4-H and Missouri FFA Dairy Judging Teams Return from European Contests

Both Missouri 4-H and FFA teams in Luxembourg
The organizer of our home stays and the contest in Luxembourg was Jean-Paul Flemmage and here he is with both teams following the contest.


Our team has had a wonderful two weeks traveling across Europe, judging, making new friends, learning about different cultures, seeing agriculture in new ways, and creating memories that will last a lifetime! Just a few highlights of our trip:

Grant Groves and Daryin Sharp were the top judging pair at the Royal Highland Show in Scotland! Grant Groves was the top individual judge, and Blake Wright was the second high individual in this contest.

Blake Wright and Lilly Schmidt of Monett FFA were first and second, respectively, in the Luxembourg Judging Contest.

Lora Wright and Ellie Wantland participated in showmanship at the Luxembourg show.

Daryin Sharp, Ellie Wantland, Lora Wright, Sam Masri and Lilly Schmidt all spent three days with a host family during our time in Luxembourg.

We visited the World War II Memorial site where General Patton is buried just outside Luxembourg City. This was especially meaningful since we visited here just two days before our Independence Day celebration in the US.

We are thankful for the success of our judges during the two contests. We are thankful for the new friends made along our journey, both international and those here in the States. And, we are thankful for the support we received through our many sponsors and donors that helped us be able to participate in this great event.

Thank you to AgroTours for organizing this event. Thank you to Bruce Kane and Darren Ropp for their expert guidance. Until next time! Sincerely,

Karla Deaver and Ted Probert
417-466-3102 or 417-741-6134
deaverk@missouri.edu or

Click Here to View photos journal of their adventures on Facebook

Missouri 4-H team
Daryin Sharp, Ellie Wantland, Lora Wright and Grant Groves

Missouri 4-H team wins Scottish Highland Contest
Grant Groves and Daryin Sharp are awarded first prize by the Scottish Young Farmers President.

Missouri FFA team
Blake Wright, Lilly Schmidt, Lora Wright & Sam Masri

Missouri FFA Members win Luxembourg Contest
Lena Flemmage of the Luxembourg Young Farmers organized the contest. Blake Wright placed first and
Lilly Schmidt placed second, both of Monett, Missouri FFA.

PULSATOR - June 2018

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September 1 Deadline

Advertise your Cattle for Sale or place a Farm Ad

Missouri Holstein is excited to announce we will provide advertising in the Pulsator Newsletter. The next issue will be coming out in September. Both full color and Black and White ad options are available and very affordable. Circulation is across the entire state of Missouri consisting of over 200 dairy farmers.

Do you have seed or hay to sell? Cattle that you would like to move? Bulls to sell or are you needing some springers? This is the place for you. We would love to help you with your advertising needs. We can take your ideas and design your ad.

Full Page (8.5" x 11") - $100
Half Page - $50
Quarter Page - $30

Full Page (8.5" x 11") - $80
Half Page - $40
Quarter Page - $20

Click Here for Ad details and reservation form

Contact Secretary, Jodi Wright ASAP to place your ad. 417-743-2921-2679 or jwright@missouriholstein.com


LATE FEE of $10/Membership
AFTER APRIL 14, 2018
Memberships received after June 1
do NOT qualify for State Sponsored Awards

You can pay dues ONLINE or MAIL!
before June 1 to qualify for association awards.

PAY ONLINE (click here)

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Adult membership dues are a flat fee of $50.00 per herd prefix.
For each additional individual member per prefix, an additional $25.00 per person.
Those adult members who do not own cattle pay $25.00 per membership.
Junior members pay $5.00 per membership.
Removed from Holstein USA Membership March 15.
Late Fee of $10.00 per adult membership April 15 or later.

A paid State Membership will reduce your registration fees 
and other Holstein Service fees. State Memberships are renewed annually for both Adult & Junior Members.

JUNIORS: If you are a Junior only member (your parents are not state association members, and you wish to receive the Mid-States Magazine then you must include $5 additional (per family) with your junior dues in order to receive the Mid-States.

Membership registration forms are available for download - Click HERE.
Please send completed forms and a check payable
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Missouri Holstein Association
Jodi Wright, Secretary/Treasurer
11449 Lawrence 2220
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For questions or more information, email  jwright@missouriholstein.com



If you need a Missouri state member's phone, email
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2018 Missouri Membership List - By District

2018 Missouri Membership List - By Last Name


Read details of Mandated Sequester below

Historical MPP margins are listed below.

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For those enrolled in the 2018 USDA Margin Protection Program,
January $8.117, February $6.88, March $6.768, April $6.616, May $6.78

Historical MPP margins are listed below.

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Standard MPP Sequester explanation.

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July 10 Northeast District Show, Knox County Fair, Edina
July 11 WC District Show, Pleasant Hill
July 18 - 20 4-H State Dairy Judging Camp

July 24 Missouri Holstein Field Day, Barnett, MO

July 28 SC District Show
July 26 - 29 Ozark Empire Fair - Dairy Show Ozark Empire Fair Schedule.

August 1 YDLI Class 11 Applications Due!
August 15-19 Missouri State Fair
September 1 Ad deadline for Pulsator to Jodi

November 1 Missouri Dairy Hall Nominations Due.
December 1 Ad deadline for Pulsator to Jodi

National Holstein Convention 2012 http://www.holsteinconvention2012.com

Scholarship Listings http://www.hoards.com/youth/collegescholarships

Dairy Shrine Scholarships http://www.dairyshrine.org

FFA Scholarships http://www.ffa.org

Robthom Farm, Springfield, MO: http://www.robthom.com/

Groves-View Dairy http://www.grovesviewdairy.com

Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors: http://www.modairyhallofhonors.com/

Missouri Dairy Business Update: http://agebb.missouri.edu/modbu/index.htm

Missouri Dairymen’s Resource Guide: http://www.agebb.missouri.edu/dairy/

Genex Custom Collection Services: http://genex.crinet.com/page189/GenexCustomCollection

Missouri Dairy Association: http://www.missouridairy.org

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Brad Groves
Phone: 417-880-7012

Vice President
Tommy Scrivner

Jodi Wright
11449 Lawrence 2220
Verona, MO 65769

Director at Large
Nelson Hostetler


Mid-States Editor
Kate Geppert
5803 Redwing Dr.
Columbia, MO 65202

National Director
Dwight Rokey
2021 F Road
Sabetha, Kansas 66534

Holstein Field Representative
Tim Ewing
4784 State Hwy PP
Fordland, MO 65652
417-818-MILK (6455)


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