**YOUTH SHOW ONLY** this year.
OPEN SHOW has been cancelled
Sedalia, MO August 21-22, 2020

Important Exhibitor Information – Vesicular Stomatitis

Due to positive cases of Vesicular Stomatitis, the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s Division of Animal Health is asking for your help in stepping up our animal health protocols at the Missouri State Fair. Exhibitors of hooved livestock (including horses, cattle, swine, sheep and goats) that originate from an affected county will need to have a veterinarian inspect their livestock within two days of arrival at the Missouri State Fair to affirm they are free of any signs of the virus. Steps:

1. Identify if your county is affected using the map at Agriculture.Mo.Gov.
2. Get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health papers) that affirms a veterinarian has inspected your animal within 48 hours of arrival at the Missouri State Fair. The certificate will affirm the inspection through a Vesicular Stomatitis statement, which has been sent to accredited veterinarians.
3. Present those papers during check-in.
More information about Vesicular Stomatitis can be found on USDA’s website.

2020 Missouri State Fair Pivots to a Youth Livestock Show

Back to basics approach focuses on youth exhibitions
SEDALIA, Mo. – Today, the Missouri State Fair announced that the traditional fair will pivot to a youth livestock show, Aug. 13-23, 2020. In 1901, the Fair began as a showcase of Missouri agriculture. Staying true to that tradition, the Fair will continue to allow the invaluable agriculture education experience to Missouri 4-H and FFA members by offering a Youth Livestock Show only.

Two primary reasons drove the Fair’s decision today:

Public Health & Safety
We care deeply about the public health and safety of our fairgoers and our community. When the original decision to move forward with the Fair was made, the information and numbers were different than they are now. In collaboration with Governor Parson and the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services it was determined that the best course of action was to work to reduce the number of individuals on the fairgrounds. Best practices for sanitation and public health will still be implemented during the youth livestock show.

Quality Outdoor Experience
The Fair takes pride in hosting a quality outdoor experience for all fairgoers. That success relies heavily on the support of our partners, sponsors and vendors. As those supporters have evaluated the effect the pandemic has had on their ability to participate, many have had to limit or cancel their participation. Limited concessions will be on grounds to service our exhibitors and their families.

Opening Day Ceremony, Governor’s Ham Breakfast, carnival midway and all other non-youth livestock related events will be cancelled. The Fair will be issuing applicable refunds. Exhibitor camping will still be available through the event. All current reservations will be honored. Exhibitor camping inquiries can be sent to campgrounds@mda.mo.gov.

To stay up to date with the latest information, please visit mostatefair.com.

Rescheduling of 2020 All-Missouri Holstein Show

The Missouri State Holstein show has been in conjunction with the Missouri State Fair. Due to the cancelation of the open show at the 2020 fair, the Missouri Holstein Association is looking into rescheduling the All-State Show.

Information at this time:
1. Currently obtaining prices of facilities throughout the state
2. Looking at a one day show in late September / early October.
3. Will also host the 2020 Missouri Holstein Futurity at that time.
4. Trying to have a central location with minimal cost to reduce entry frees.
5. Looking at a 1-2 day allowed tie-in with a one day show.

Information will be shared with our membership as soon as it is voted upon.
This is a unique time for all of us.



2020 Missouri Holstein Field Day
Lone-Tree Farms

Guests registered before the event.

Fleer Feed Inc. - Main sponsor for the day!

Lots of interaction with participants and field day sponsors.

We had a wonderful gathering of dairyman from multiple states.


The Missouri Holstein Field Day was held Thursday, July 16 at Lone-Tree Farms owned and operated by Clifford and Louella Oberholtzer of Rutledge, Missouri. We had a warm wonderful day and a great turnout from multiple states. We had some great sponsors that all of our attendees were able to visit with.

Touring of the new freestall barn and milking facility was the highlight of the day for attendees. The Oberholtzer's recently built the new facility where they milk around 80 head. The floating neck rail and heifer barn were also key features attendees analyzed. Clifford was on hand to showcase many of his prominant cow families and high producers.

A presentation from Hubbard Feds was given by John Pretz, Ph.D. John is no stranger to the dairy community. He was born and raised on Pretz Holstein farm outsie of Osawatomie, KS and lives near the farm today. John received a Ph.D. in Dairy Nutrition from South Dakota State Univ. and works directly with dairy producers in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, nebraska, South Dakota and Illinois. John gave a lunch time presentation on "How your ration can benefit from small grain forages." He did a great job covering lots of bases and informing the attendees on ways to help their forage program.

A wonderful homemade meal was sponsored by Hubbard and Fleer Feeds with a huge variety of delicious desserts and lots of ice cream for everyone, Yummm!

The day ended with some outstanding door prizes from our sponsors and vendors. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and to visit a innovative dairy in our state.

Speaker John Pretz
John gave an insightful presentation during lunch on small grain forages.

Off they go to look at the cows and barn

Parabone Barn
Guests took some time
visiting the double 6
parabone parlor

It is great to meet new
people and visit
with old friends.

Calves and Free Stall Barn

Free Stall Barn
Clifford answers questions and shows off cows and families in the free stall barn.

Milking herd
A printout of the cows was available so guests could analyze pedigree information for the herd

Floating Neck Rail
One of the features of the new free stall barn is a floating neck rail to accomodate all size cattle.

The Oberholtzers have a separate facility for heifers.

Headlocks and swinging gates make working cattle in the heifer barn easy.

Door Prizes
Our sponsors gave some great door prizes for our guests.

Thank you to our Vendors:

Our vendors were all set up and ready to go!

A big THANK YOU to the
Sponsors for this year's Field Day!

Thank you for a wonderful day!

Clifford & Louella Oberholtzer
28829 State Route A, Rutledge, MO 63563
Email: clholsteins@gmail.com

Photos from Field Day - See more of the farm, cows, vendors and events of the day!
Click on image to view or use arrows to advance image.

2020 MO Holstein Field Day-Oberholtzer


Southern National Holstein & Jersey Show

September 21-26, Stillwater, OK
Entry Deadline: August 15 - $30

We are pleased to announce we have been approved for National Show Status. We will be following all rules and guidelines in the National Holstein Show Program. The Junior show will be considered a regional show and to be eligible to show in junior show the animal must be transferred by the JULY 15 deadline. We are looking forward to a large show!

Junior and open shows will run together with separate champions for the junior and open shows.

Contact Tyler Chupp with any questions or if you have any possible consignments jersey or Holstein. We will not have a fitting crew for sale cattle. They will have to be in someone’s show string.

There is a website with rules, entries, and schedule. Click below for complete details.

for the website and entry information

Click below to open all of the rules, entry information, COVID release **REQUIRED, schedule and important information.

Show Schedule
Important Information
COVID Release Form
Holstein Entry
Jersey Entry
Extra Entry Sheet



There are five district shows. If you are in the area, go and support your local dairy breeders at their district shows. It is a great way to get to know other breeders. Some districts also have meals and other activities planned. If you have any questions just give your district president or me a call. South Central district show date is not yet finalized.


July 21 Northeast District Show, Edina, MO @ 5PM **NEW RESCHEDULED DATE**

Sept / Oct - TBD Southwest District Show
To be rescheduled with MO State Show

Possibly October South Central District Show


New and Exciting Pulsator Changes!

New and Exciting things are happening!

Shannon (Wilson) Kleiboeker and Jenna Wilson will be heading the mantel of the newly envisioned "Pulsator" magazine. Missouri Holstein is expanding the current Pulsator. They look forward to reporting on and participation from the states diversified dairy breeds and business models. We are looking to still have four issues a year and hope to reach ALL of Missouri’s Dairy farmers and enthusiasts with news, events, articles, and pictures that highlight our state’s wonderful dairy industry and the individuals that keep it going. This publication invites ALL aspects of the dairy industry including ALL breeds and legislative dairy groups.

If you are interested in advertising your farm, cattle, or business contact Shannon Kleiboeker ASAP for details on the new introductory rates. Deadline for the first issue is August 26. We are excited about uniting the Missouri dairy industry! Want to know more how you can get your association's information included FREE be sure to contact Shannon.

Watch for your copy this fall and contact Shannon below for more details!

Shannon Kleiboeker shannonkleiboeker@hotmail.com or 417-737-2876

To view the June 2020 Pulsator Click here

NMPF urges farmers comment on Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Every five years, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) review and update the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (Guidelines). As part of the process, the public is invited to comment in support or to object the draft recommendations. This is the final step before USDA and HHS issue the official 2020 guidelines, which guide government policies until 2025. The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) is coordinating comments from the industry and are encouraging dairy farmers to engage. To comment and support the importance of dairy and its role in a healthy diet through these federal guidelines, go to the NMPF Action Center here.

Comments are being accepted until Thursday, Aug. 13.

MU Extension - Dairy Science Podcast

There's been a couple questions about this month's Dairy Science Digest Podcast on Goldilock diets

1. Will the Goldilocks diet work with Prairie hay / poor quality Fescue? Yes, however a forage test is needed to make sure the DCAD is correct to maximize the effect. Also, don't forget that KY31 has endophytes that can work against your transition cow, so please make sure it's a novel/friendly endophyte AND free of ergot (a fungus that commonly forms in the seed head)

2. Can I component feed acidified molasses to my close up diet? Yes, however - it will take creative set-ups that are unique to each farm AND a STRONG commitment to monitoring urine pH of close up cows to make sure you're not doing more harm than good.

If you missed the link to the release of our first Dairy Science Podcast, please find it here

For more information or to contact Specialist: Reagan Bluel 417-847-3161 (text) or BluelRJ@missouri.edu


Dairy Margin Program

USDA Dairy Margin Coverage Program - 2020
Rates for 2020:
- January Rate: 10.72. Over the 9.50 threshold - no payment.
- February Rate: 10.06. Over the 9.50 threshold - no payment.
- March Rate: 9.15. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $0.35 per cwt.
- April Rate: 6.03. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $3.47 per cwt.
- May Rate: 5.37. Payment if buying $9.50 Insurance = $4.13 per cwt.
- June Rate: 9.99. Over the 9.50 threshold - no payment



-- LATE FEE of $10/Membership for Current members AFTER APRIL 14, 2020
-- Memberships received after June 1 do NOT qualify for State Sponsored Awards
-- NEW MEMBERS pay basic rates without late fee (June 1 award deadline still applies for current year).


A paid State Membership will reduce your registration fees 
and other Holstein Service fees. State Memberships are renewed annually for both Adult & Junior Members.

JUNIORS: If you are a Junior only member (your parents are not state association members, and you wish to receive the Mid-States Magazine then you must include $5 additional (per family) with your junior dues in order to receive the Mid-States.

Membership registration forms are available for download - Click HERE.
Please send completed forms and a check payable
to Missouri Holstein Association to:

Missouri Holstein Association
Jodi Wright, Secretary/Treasurer
11449 Lawrence 2220
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For questions or more information, email  jwright@missouriholstein.com



If you need a Missouri state member's phone, email
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2019 Missouri Membership List - By District

2019 Missouri Membership List - By Last Name



August 15 Southern National Fall Show Entry Deadline

August 18-23 Missouri State Fair & SW District Show
August 26 Ad deadline for Pulsator to Shannon

September 24-26 Southern National Holstein & Jersey Show, Stillwater, OK

October 12 - Dec. 11 2021 Dairy Margin Coverage signup period

November 1 Missouri Dairy Hall Nominations Due.
November 26 Ad deadline for Pulsator to Shannon

National Holstein Convention 2012 http://www.holsteinconvention2012.com

Scholarship Listings http://www.hoards.com/youth/collegescholarships

Dairy Shrine Scholarships http://www.dairyshrine.org

FFA Scholarships http://www.ffa.org

Robthom Farm, Springfield, MO: http://www.robthom.com/

Groves-View Dairy http://www.grovesviewdairy.com

Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors: http://www.modairyhallofhonors.com/

Missouri Dairy Business Update: http://agebb.missouri.edu/modbu/index.htm

Missouri Dairymen’s Resource Guide: http://www.agebb.missouri.edu/dairy/

Missouri Dairy Association: http://www.missouridairy.org

Dairy Agenda Today: http://www.dairyagendatoday.com

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Tommy Scrivner
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Ryan Bilyeu

Jodi Wright
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Director at Large
Scott Wilson


Mid-States Editor
Kate Geppert
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National Director
Dwight Rokey
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Holstein Field Representative
Tim Ewing
4784 State Hwy PP
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417-818-MILK (6455)


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